Interior Design – Upholstered Walls Pt 2

Continued from the last article, here is another way to upholster your wall. This a bit more permanent where you’ll attach or adhere batting right on the wall before installing your chosen fabric. This is really not a new idea. Does anyone remember the velvet-flocked wallpaper from the early 70’s? Well, this is an updated version.

Many fabrics work with this type of process. Cottons, silks, linens and more will do the trick. Just remember not to use very heavy upholstery fabrics, as they tend to be a bit difficult to install. On the same note, something too thin won’t work either. Here are a few simple instructions. But first you’ll need the following supplies; Polyfill or batting, fabric, and a staple gun with staples, and some fabric glue for good measure.

  1. Measure the wall that you will be upholstering.
  2. It would help if you already knew your fabric of choice. Knowing the width and pattern repeat, if any, will allow you to calculate what to purchase. Then multiply the length by the width and height. Purchase the fabric based on your measurement.
  3. Choose fabrics that can withstand wear and tear. Many upholstery fabrics can be used or any fabric that is not to light or too thin. Be careful when choosing patterned fabrics if this is your first time. It is sometimes difficult to match the pattern and make it look seamless even when you make cuts. If you want to have patterns, choose simple patterns and not the overly complicated ones. Buy enough fabrics plus extra.
  4. When purchasing the polyfill or batting, buy the same amount as the fabric. They will go under the fabric. Staple the polyfill directly onto the wall from top to bottom as well as corners.
  5. Be sure to pay close attention to electrical outlets and light switches and make cutouts. O
  6. Once your walls have been completely covered with fabric, finish off by adding a gimp trim or cord to finish the look. This will cover any seams and staples. Apply by using a hot glue gun over the staples. You might also try using decorative moldings to finish as well.

If any of this seems a bit too daunting, most upholsterers and drapery companies will be happy to install for you.