Interior Design – The Palette of Pink

The Palette of Pink

I recently wrote about the 2016 Colors of the Year; one being Rose Quartz. I wanted to expand a bit on how to design with Pink and the various shades it encompasses. As mentioned before, Pink is typically associated with the feminine side. But times have changed and many have embraced this color and all that it has to offer.

I worked with a couple many years ago where Pink was the chosen color. It needed to be very subtle. We decided to use the palest shade to paint the walls in the entire space. It was only a small condo so it helped with creating a much smarter flow within. It was complimented with various shades of gray to keep the space grounded and fresh feeling. This combination creates a very sophisticated look. If you want a more casual look it’s just a matter of changing your accessories, rugs and art.

With Pink being the color of the year, have fun with it. Enjoy!


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