Interior Design – Take a Tuscan Turn

Many years ago the home building industry introduced these rather large homes that seemed to never end. These homes weren’t your stately Beverly Hills mansions, but new sub divisions with sizes ranging from four to over six thousand square feet.

In keeping with the trend, furniture manufacturers started designing and creating furniture to fit in these homes. One design style that seemed to fit well was Tuscan. Oversized pottery, ceramic plates, tapestries, artwork and upholstered pieces seemed just right. Bringing in the Italian countryside worked perfectly in these Spanish, Mediterranean and even California Classis designs. Even though this style might seem a bit passé, there is still a place in classic design for this feel.

Tuscan design is warm, inviting and even uplifting. Who doesn’t like to bring the outside in? Tangerine, sage green, mustard yellow and even red, just to name a few, are colors, which will allow you to infuse the Tuscan feel in any home. Warm walnut woods, rich and rustic in color, twisted wrought iron tables and accent pieces, are a few key elements along with sumptuous sofas and chairs you can sink into at the end of the day that create this feel.

This style can actually be achieved in any size space. Oversized pieces aren’t always needed as many might be designing smaller spaces. As with any style, using a few key pieces can create the feel. If your current home allows you to keep the main pieces, then adding accents will do just fine. Change the decorative pillows, add an area rug or even try new lamps. Using rich chenille’s for pillows and throws, and pottery like bases for lamps are all in keeping with Tuscan design. Any accent piece, which appears to be rustic, country or even weathered, should work well. Put together correctly, and you’ll be able to enjoy your home for years to come.