Interior Design – Simple Ways to update your Kitchen

We all want time and money saving tips to update any room in our home. We see so many ideas in magazines and on TV, which can be frustrating since they can cost so much. So let’s just tackle the kitchen today with a few simple tips to change things up.

1. Look for new accessories; fresh towels, a canister set, or even a new valance over the window.
2. Hardware. We all know old cabinet hardware can make a space look dated. Try some hardware with a different finish or even a playful style to update.
3. Paint. Everyone knows paint can change almost anything. If your cabinets are looking tired, a fresh coat of paint will do wonders. Check out some designs on the internet or magazines for inspiration. (If your cabinets are not painted, then a good cleaning might just do the trick.)
4. Backsplash. For you DIY people or someone handy, this is a great way to add personality and style. Tile can be found at almost any big box store and at a pretty good price point. Just add about 10% more to what you actually need. This will guarantee you have enough tile in case of any mistakes.

No matter what you do to update, any new change will certainly add a fresh look to you kitchen.


Christopher Porikos
Author: Christopher Porikos

Christopher Porikos is an Interior Designer based in the Los Angeles area. He has a background in Retail Visual Merchandising and is educated in interior design. His love of design spans from traditional to contemporary and his style can be as eclectic or clean as the project requires. His unique eye for design comes from his lifelong interest in architecture, history, sketching, painting and the arts.