Interior Design >> Designing a Small Space Pt 2

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Last year I wrote a blog about designing in a small space.  I gave some interesting, creative and helpful tips on how to achieve your goal.

Earlier this year I downsized my life and house and needed to use my own practical advice.  My new living room is just about 150 square feet; much smaller than what I’m used to.  Since I wasn’t willing to part with any of my furniture, I really needed to be creative with my space planning.  So I did what I do best, I put pen to paper and got to work.  I treated my new space like I would for a client.  I took the room’s measurements along with the furniture specs and worked on the placement.  After a few try’s I came up with a feasible plan.  I was able to use all my living room furniture and create a very cohesive plan.  Hopefully this is a good example on how to design a small space with large pieces.

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