Interior Design >> Bookshelves; how to arrange or display your favorite things

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Many of us see a bookshelf and assume they are just for books. But those shelves are actually valuable space to show off some of our best treasures.

Over the years I’ve been asked countless times on what to do with the bookcases. Most of my clients would only store their book collection and never think of displaying a few treasures. While the books are great to use, lets think of a few more creative options.

  1. Books are the most obvious. Lay them on their sides and stack. Use them as bookends for standing books.
  2. Boxes are great for storage and create much visual interest; use just one or stack a few.
  3. Pictures, glass balls, or even ceramic items work well with creating a diverse place for display.
  4. Take a small grouping of ‘like’ items for one shelf. Use a book or a box to vary the height.
  5. Why not add a mirror to the back of each area to create depth and drama to your space. This will not only update the piece, but will allow the light to bounce back into the space.
  6. Remember any of the items mentioned can be mixed to add spice to any bookshelf. Each shelf can tell its own story or work with the others for a more cohesive feel.

Above all, experiment and have fun. Enjoy!