Interior Design – 5 Easy ways to update you bathroom

1. Fresh towels. Adding a new set of towels will certainly update and make your bathroom feel new and fun. You don’t need a whole new set of towels, I talking about adding some on the towel rack for display, or just a few hand towels to dress up the counter or bar.

2. Bath rugs. Adding a fun new rug to the room will create an updated feel. You can add the set or just a large one to cover most of the floor.

3. Hardware. By changing out the knobs, you can change the look and feel of the bathroom. Updated hardware is an easy fix to see a change for not much money.

4. Accessories. Why not add a few unexpected items such as, candles, new pictures or new canisters for cotton swabs, cotton balls, or baskets for storage, towels, etc. Any cool item used as a vessel will do. Or maybe a box to store personal care items.

5. Paint. One of the easiest ways to change and update any space is paint. Pick a fun color and go. If you don’t like it, it’s very simple to change.

Have fun and enjoy!