Interesting Holidays To Consider When The Time Is Right

Interesting Holidays To Consider When The Time Is Right
Interesting Holidays To Consider When The Time Is Right

Now is the time to think about something different for your next vacation. You may not be planning a holiday trip in the immediate future but prepping for it in advance can be the difference between disaster and delight. Working out where you would like to go will ensure you know what you need to save to make it happen.

There is nothing worse than finding you cannot afford your dream holiday when the time comes. And you will have a dream holiday: we all have places that we long to see.

Whether your bucket list trip involves relaxing on the beach in a hot climate, or something a bit more bracing and active, you should begin thinking about it now. There is no shortage of interesting vacation ideas to mull over.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean is certainly one of the destinations that many people fantasize about visiting. If you are not one of them, you really should reconsider, because it is not a place to be missed.

That said, not all Caribbean holidays are equal. By far the smartest way to experience its delights is through a sailing vacation.

After all, the Caribbean is not a single place, but a region made up of many different countries and islands. Nobody could explore it all during a single trip, but chartering a yacht will let you see a whole lot more than you possibly could in any other way.

The first step in planning a Caribbean vacation is therefore to check out various yacht charter options. If you want to make that part of things easy as well as cost-effective, look for one that has a range of crafts and that lets you book everything online, such as

If you are intending to take your trip alone, this will make the planning of that part simple. You can also book a charter with crew members who are trained to sail a yacht, should you not be an experienced sailor.

Caribbean Sailing Trip Guide

  • Why charter a boat?

A boat charter is simply the best means of exploring the Caribbean, letting you sail between the different islands and countries as you please. Chartering a yacht will ensure both your comfort and privacy.

  • When should you go?

Most people take their holidays in summer, but that is not the best time for a Caribbean sailing vacation. Instead, the period between December and April will ensure the most enjoyable experience.

That is because, although it is still very warm and sunny, the heat is less oppressive than that at the height of summer.

  • What are the best sailing routes?

The Caribbean has several excellent sailing routes. Among them are St Lucia, British Virgin Islands, Grenada, Cuba and Martinique.

  • Where should you stop off?

If you want to taste top class local cuisine on your Caribbean trip, you will find high end restaurants in big urban centers like Saint Martin and Barbados. These also have the bars and clubs to entertain you all night.

Alternatively, Puerto Rico and Cuba offer cultural, architectural, and historic attractions, while the islands dotted across the Grenadines have lily white sun-kissed beaches. You can move between these varying attractions if you sail around the Caribbean on a yacht, ensuring an unforgettable holiday experience.

However, although a Caribbean sailing holiday is guaranteed to please, it is not the only interesting vacation choice. 

Angkor, Cambodia

Those prospective travelers who want to lose themselves in a totally different culture will find Angkor in Cambodia a compelling holiday destination. Boasting the extraordinary temples of Angkor, it is a World Heritage Site with stunning ancient architectural wonders.

The largest of the temples within the complex is Angkor Wat and the best time to experience it is at sunrise. As it appears gradually from the shroud of darkness, it is a truly majestic sight.

Interesting Holidays To Consider When The Time Is Right
Take in the breath-taking sight of Angkor Wat yourself on a trip to Cambodia.

Chefchaouen, North Africa

North Africa is far enough from the beaten track to pique the interest of most holidaymakers in the West. If the thought of it excites you, make Chefchaouen the centerpiece of your trip.

This Moroccan city is a beauty spot, boasting narrow winding streets with buildings in traditional architectural style. The medina is the place to go to sample the finest in Moroccan food during your stay there, while the mountains and gorges that surround the city make for marvelous exploration on foot.


This is another fascinating vacation choice best experienced by boat. Zanzibar is an island off the coast of Tanzania that is timeless in its loveliness. 

The white sands of its beaches are flawless, and the warm Indian Ocean is perfect for swimming, scuba diving or snorkeling.

Chartering a boat will mean you can drift lazily along the island and stop at points of interest, whether it is culture or some fun in the evening that you are looking for. The best clubs, bars and cafes can be found in Stone Town, including the Dharma Lounge and the Garage Club.

Every part of the world has interesting places to see, so it is hard to go wrong in planning your holiday. Chartering a boat to the Caribbean promises the vacation of a lifetime, offering everything a visitor could possibly want in a way that ensures you can explore as much or as little as you wish during your stay.