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[NoHo Arts District, CA] – This month’s acting blog from Fran Montano of Actors Workout Studio focuses on “inspirational quotes” for actors and anyone and everyone.

I love how certain quotes or sayings stay with me. They can be inspiring, and memorable, and become a teaching point. Each class I ask my actors to share what they’ve learned or what their takeaway was. I constantly get interesting responses. I find this a good way to summarize the theme or teaching point of the work for the night.   I thought I’d share a small sample of these, as sometimes a good quote or statement can be moving, striking, and offer insight. 

Here are a few statements from the actors in my class that I’ve jotted down, many may be from other sources that they heard before, some original, so I don’t have the ability to reference the author of each one.

Inspirational quotes from actors in class:

“The truth will set you free. And the truth can hurt. I guess that’s why I avoided it.”

“Leave myself alone. Just be there.”

“Don’t try so hard. I tried too hard and didn’t need to.”

“Specifics are everything. I have to make stronger choices.”

“The true essence of a character is revealed in a moment of crisis (or choice). ”

“I love to act, it is so freeing.”

“Acting scares me, I have to be honest.”

“Acting is living truthfully under imaginary circumstances, moment to moment, (or else our audience changes the channel).”

“Auditions are an opportunity to perform.”

“An audition is the only time you get to perform the material exactly as you want to, after that the director takes over.”

“Acting is not for everyone.”

“Acting is not for the faint of heart.”

“Never blame my scene partner for a bad performance. They are always giving me something to work off of. I need to use it.”

“Sometimes doing nothing can be a great choice.”

“Watching (name withheld) simply listen was brilliant.”

“Is class over? it went so fast, I got lost in the different worlds I watched, Wow, that’s what is required, pull the audience into my world.”

“I’m so glad I came to class tonight. I see where my block and fear is. It lies in being willing to truly show up.”

“Sometimes the behavior is what is so magical.”

“Watching (name withheld) not do anything was powerful, It was like watching a cat on stage, present, present, present. I want to do that. I have to do that.”

“The words aren’t as important as the behavior, at least for me.”

“When it’s truthful, it’s brilliant, when it’s indicating, I stop and want to look at my phone.”

“Chemistry is so powerful, I learned more about it and how to create it. I’m hungry for it.”

“I got to use everything in my personal life tonight. Thank you everyone, it helped me to release it and let it go.”

Thank you, talented actors, for your contribution to this month’s blog.

I will continue to ask that question. Sometimes a little phrase will help you get centered and grounded. Hopefully, some of these spoke to you. 

Till next time.

Fran Montano

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Fran Montano
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