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Importance of Art/Dancing Lessons at School

The importance of classical education which includes science, math, and literature classes is not underestimated in modern society as all people understand the necessity of basic knowledge in these disciplines.

However, the importance of art and dancing lessons at schools is not widely discussed in modern society, but it must be underlined that these disciplines have a great impact on the different aspects of the development of children’s minds and physical abilities, so art and dancing lessons should be considered as important as other disciplines at school.

Art and dancing lessons as the way to creativity

Have you ever experienced problems with simple assignments? For example, when you had to write your essay for a literature class, but you had no idea where to start. People with the high level of creativity rarely experience such issues because they can find the way in which they can develop arguments and, what is more important, they can do it in a very creative and unusual way. People used to consider that creativity is a gift, but it is an ability which can be developed as well. Art and dancing lessons can help children to express their ideas in different forms, and this practice is related to all the disciplines. With the help of art and dancing classes, students will get an ability to find the solution for the math problem in a faster and more creative way. So, if you want to reduce your struggles with the assignment and write your essay in a more creative way, try to take art or dancing class in order to develop your creativity.

Art and dancing classes help to remove stereotypes

As it was stated above art and dancing classes at school can help to develop creativity but it is not the only advantage of these disciplines. These classes can help children to develop an ability to think beyond the frames and develop a worldview which is different from the standards which are commonly accepted in the society. Art and dancing lessons show students how to communicate with people through the tools which are expressed with the help of colors, shapes, and movements. This process of communication shows students how to think in different ways and how to find the way to the understanding of the things which are not usually discussed in other classes. We have developed stereotypes that in order to express our feelings or thoughts we have to use words in different forms, but art and dancing classes give us an opportunity to learn how to find a way to the communication techniques which are related to art and dance. The results of practices in art and dancing classes are related to the development of the ability to think above the stereotypes and to create new ways of communication with other people.

Dancing classes as an alternative to competitive sports

All parents think about the necessity of physical activities for their children. Sport is a way to healthy habits, to better body condition and to the development of team spirit among children. Schools offer to students sections of football, volleyball, baseball or basketball. However, it must be noted that not all students are physically prepared for these kinds of sport. Also, competitive sport can be traumatic to students not only physically, but also emotionally as a lot of students are bullied because of their inability to be successful in competitive sport. In other words, it can be stated that competitive sport is not for everybody and a lot of people do not like physical activities in their adult life because it associates for them with the embarrassing moments in school during PE classes. However, dancing classes can help students to develop their physical abilities in the most comfortable and easy way. Dancing classes are aimed to help students to develop the ability to feel their bodies and understand their unique manner of movement. There are no normative and standards which can make students feel uncomfortable in any way, so these classes are the best option which can show children that physical activity can be fun and easy to complete.

The best option for distraction

Imagine yourself in the same situation which was described above when you have to write your essay for the literature class. The task is too complicated but you have to focus on the assignment in order to meet the deadline. You are tired and exhausted so you start to surf the Internet in order to relax and find a motivation to continue. However, this option of distraction does not work because you are still tired and you still have no ideas for an essay, but the work should be finished. In this case, the best option which can help to distract from the assignment in order to find new ideas is to change the activity. When you are doing something like painting or dancing your brain can relax and you gain an ability to generate new more creative ideas. Such pauses are necessary for the educational process because it helps to increase the level of productivity and make the working process to be more effective. For students dancing and art classes can be a great option to switch the activities and to let their brains generate creative ideas and reflect on the information which they have learned during other classes in a more effective way.

Emotional benefits

Art and dancing classes in school can help to reduce the tension and to help students to feel more comfortable emotionally. There is no secret that dancing and art classes can be used as part of therapy for the treatment of mental health problems. Dancing and art classes can help students to experience a lower level of stress during exams and learning process in general. Art and dancing practices have a positive impact on the development of the ability to cope with the conflicts and to understand better the necessity of distraction from the problems and effective analysis of the roots of the conflict. Dancing and art practices can reduce the the level of tension which students experience every day at school because they feel like they have to do their best, but in dancing and art classes they can express their thoughts and emotions in the way which is the most comfortable for them.

Art and dancing classes are as important as math or history classes because these practices allow students to work more effectively with other disciplines, it can help them to develop creativity as well. Students experience a lot of pressure during the learning process, so it is important to let them rest emotionally and express their thoughts with the help of art and dancing in order to prevent the development of mental health problems.

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