Ideas on how to Incorporate Exercise in the Workplace

Healthier employees use less sick days, are more productive, save on healthcare costs, and are a company’s best asset. Here are some ideas on how to get exercise incorporated into the workplace: * Post prompts at key point-of-decision locations to encourage physical activity (e.g., signs titled “Take a Few Steps to Better Health” in stairwells to encourage stair climbing instead of taking an elevator).
* Offer gentle fitness classes that combine yoga, low-impact aerobics, and relaxation techniques. These may be offered to employees at all fitness levels, but appeal particularly to those who are new exercisers or have special physical needs or limitations (e.g., back pain, arthritis, or muscle stiffness and soreness).
* Develop trails near the worksite and encourage employees to walk or jog during lunch and break times. Trails should be in safe, highly visible areas with established safeguard.
* Encourage employees who sit a lot to take a stretch break for better circulation and work efficiency.
* Provide selected pieces of exercise equipment in suitable locations for use during breaks and lunchtime. Be sure to educate employees and establish guidelines and policies before usage to ensure safety.
* Where feasible, equip a designated break area with basketball hoops, table-tennis, equipment,, horseshoe pitching stations, boxing bags, and other recreational equipment.
* Offer discounts or subsidies for fitness club membership for those who meet minimum guidelines for usage and adherence (e.g. at least 3 sessions per week).
* Create department competitions and reward teams who meet designated exercise levels each month. If the spirit of competition conflicts with the philosophy of the worksite health promotion program, sponsor individual participation and reward effort, rather than outcomes.

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