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ICE Totally Gaming 2018: Highlights, Insights, and Dynamites

ICE Totally Gaming 2018: Highlights, Insights, and Dynamites

ICE Totally Gaming 2018 came down on London’s ExCel and brought with it a number of newsworthy developments. Industry heavyweights, regulators, and other gaming professionals and affiliates mingled, discussed, fought, and demoed tirelessly to highlight the best of global gambling. Here are some of the head-turners which promise to make 2018 a great year for everyone who lives and breathes gaming.

Microgaming Releases a Killer New Slot

One of the biggest game makers in the industry, Microgaming arguably stole the show with their steampunk themed booth, nerdy desserts, and – above all – tantalising new slot game. The Golden City of Fortunium will hit the Internet’s best casinos, hopefully by mid-2018 latest, and it will bedazzle with its steampunk brass look and sensibilities. Equipped with a classic five-by-five reel, Fortunium also packs a number of goodies like Stacked Mystery Symbols, Mystery Reels, and a heart-stopping Win Booster. The game is especially optimised for mobile, so you can hit those funky reels on the go.

Aspire Global Takes the Guesswork out of Sports Betting

If you are enthusiastic about sports betting, you are about to make a quantum leap in the way you pick and place your bets. Aspire Global debuted its new sports betting vertical, a bespoke platform which benefits both providers and gamers greatly. On the side of companies, it delivers a finished product which covers all operations, security, and financial bases in a convenient and efficient package. More importantly, however, it promises to change a whole lot for online gamers. Two words: bet recommendation. Aspire Global’s new vertical will deliver the optimal betting opportunities for maximised winnings and ultimate sports betting joy.


NetEnt and Mr. Green Bring New Life into Your Online Casino Experience

Online gaming is all good and well, but sometimes it just feels a little too static, artificial, and virtual, right? It does not have to be that way! In come NetEnt and Mr. Green with ‘Live Beyond Live,’ the result of a collaboration they started at ICE 2017 already. Their live casino offering will let you animate any element in your favourite online casino and make it as vivid and real as you want it. Gone are the days of clicking a button and watching chips or cards move against a static background – pack all the action and excitement of a brick and mortar gambling house into your online gaming! Winnings will feel all the more awesome and real now.

‘Netflix and Slot’ – Gambling with Your Favourite Shows

As if NetEnt had not already done enough with livening up your casino environment, they are also rolling out two new slot brands inspired by what is trending on streaming platforms. Get ready to pick between “plata o plomo” with NetEnt’s ‘Narcos’ slot. As if Pablo Escobar’s world was not exciting and gritty enough, the second slot premiere invites you to don your classy horned helmet and try your luck at NetEnt’s ‘Vikings’ reels. Coming from Scandinavia, the company’s second choice is a no-brainer. The double feature will rain coke, bullets, hammers, and battle axes on your favourite online casino shortly.