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How Your Sleep and Mattress Are Related to Each Other

It has been scientifically proven that while we sleep our body recovers. Sleeping is a very essential phenomenon and without sleeping a person cannot survive.

After a hard day, a person would like to come back to his family at home and for the next day, he would require a really good rest, which means a good long sleep of about 7-8 hours. Sleeping has its benefits like it provides rest to the whole body especially our muscles and brain and it is also a fact that while we sleep our body detoxifies itself and flushes out all the toxins from our body. A person who is not sleeping enough will have physical health problems like pain, soreness, and weight gain, and also some mental health issues like anxiety and stress.

For your sleep, you will require the perfect ambiance to sleep and along with that, you would require a perfect bed with a comfortable mattress so that you can sleep peacefully. So, while making a purchase, you will have to make a decision wisely. While buying your mattress you must buy it from a place whose sales process is very good. Only then you can  get a valuable mattress without any hassle and also with a warranty of up to 7- 10 years. The company must give a guarantee that if you face any problem with your mattress within the warranty period, they will replace it with a new one.

Complications Arising of an Uncomfortable Mattress


The main problem with a bad mattress is that it will result in immense pain in your body because when your mattress becomes old it becomes very rigid though the rigidity of a mattress depends on your own choice an old mattress is usually more rigid and so when you wake up in the morning you will see that you have a lot of pain, especially people with arthritis will experience a lot of joint pain.

An old mattress usually gets deformed like it will have dips in places where you sleep and sleeping in a deformed mattress will automatically give you a lot of pain and so it is better to immediately replace your mattress


When you are using a very old mattress then the mattress does not give enough support to your body and especially your skeletal system gets mostly harmed. Your spine does not get proper alignment and so you will see that you are having immense pain in the back especially your spinal cord region and if you are facing this problem then without wasting any time you should get a new comfortable mattress.

How Your Sleep and Mattress Are Related to Each Other
How Your Sleep and Mattress Are Related to Each Other


We all know that we sweat at night, few people tend to sweat more and few people tend to sweat less. Also, it is a fact that if you are sleeping on a bad mattress then it will give you a lot of night sweat and this sweat keep accumulating inside your mattress, creating a perfect environment for the breeding of dust mites and the growth of bacteria and molds not only sweat but along with dead skin cells that we shed during the night these dust mites keep on multiplying. These mites bite you every night giving you very bad rashes and allergies. You might not be able to see these mites with your naked eye but if they keep on biting you every night, then you will develop serious skin diseases.


When a person is not sleeping enough at night then he/she becomes very moody. They might sleep for 7-8 hours and still wake up and feel very sloppy and cannot find the energy to go to work. The person will always tend to remain moody and frustrated due to lack of sleep and this will harm their social conduct. Then slowly the person will start developing very bad symptoms of stress and anxiety or maybe depression and so to avoid this situation one must immediately replace their old mattress with a more comfortable one.


It is needless to say that a person who is sleeping on a very old, rugged mattress that person won’t be able to sleep properly and this will hugely harm his daily activities. You might be not getting enough sleep due to your mattress. Maybe it’s too old and deformed or the materials from your mattress is coming out. It’s also possible that due to having a lot of body pain you are not getting proper sleep or maybe the material of your mattress is not good causing a lot of night sweats and so you are feeling hot and waking up in the middle of the night.

Along with these problems, you must also know that when your mattress becomes old and deformed it also damages the shape of your bed and so you must buy a mattress that perfectly suits your bed. So, while choosing a new mattress for your bed you must be very careful about choosing the right size of mattress for your bed. For a single user you can go for full beds or twin beds. To understand the difference between twin xl v/s full bed we have to understand their functions. A twinXL bed is a larger version of twin bed having a dimension of 38 inches width and 80 inches length. This mattress can be used by an adult as well as one whose height is more than 6 feet tall.  A full-size bed, also called as the double bed is 54 inches wide and 74 inches long. This bed can adjust a smaller couple but is most ideal for a single person like a single adult or a growing teen.

How Your Sleep and Mattress Are Related to Each Other
How Your Sleep and Mattress Are Related to Each Other

Along with comfort and material one must also know the size of the mattress that they require and buy accordingly. Before buying your new mattress, you must carefully measure your bed first like you must measure the inner sides of your bed, and then buy your new mattress according to the size.

For two or more people, you must go with the queen size, the king size and also the california king size. Let’s start with comparing the sizes of beds, California king v/s queen size bed.

Queen size beds are comfortable mattresses and can adjust two people but with a limited extra space. The dimensions of the Queen Size Beds are 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. California King size, on the other hand is the longest mattress that is available for the buyers. This mattress is also known as the western king mattress and has a total dimension of about 72 inches wide and 84 inches long. California king mattresses are also fit for the couples wanting extra space. Also people taller than 6 feet can also use this mattress. 


Therefore, we can see how a mattress affects your sleep and how much it is important for you to buy a comfortable mattress that will not disturb your sleep. You must also keep in mind about buying the right mattress which will be suitable for you and buying it from a trustable place so that you can be saved from frauds. So, you need to buy a good mattress because a bad mattress not only affects your physical health but also disturbs your mental health.

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