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How to Write an Excellent Application Essay for College

College application essays make or break you depending on the expectations of the admitting officers.

While some are keen on errors, others check for passion, abilities, and other attributes. Are you asking yourself how you can come up with an unforgettable application essay? You are in the right place because the tips below will help you create a great first impression.

Research and read through application guidelines

It is the first and most crucial part of coming up with your college essay because it will guide you through the writing process. Students tend to be anxious during this period and might end up leaving out important details. Reading, understanding, and Following the rules including word count and even font type shows that you are a good student. It is the first thing the admission officer will check for and failure to follow instructions might just be your downfall. Research is also crucial especially on the culture of the institutions. You want to make sure that your essay is on point and relates to what they are about.  Look for college essay examples and samples from cheap essay writing service to understand the structure fully. Finally, you should research your college application essay topic to set up a background for your writing process.

Create an excellent essay plan and stick to it


You are coming up with a writing plan because the essay is a vital part that will determine if you are accepted. If you do not plan then the essay will overwhelm you might end up stressed out. Initially, you should brainstorm and mind map before putting the plan down on paper. It will enable you to come up with an essay that has achieved a good college essay format, flow, structure, and coherence. Make sure to include everything on the plan so that nothing is left out. Some of the things you should include in the plan are as follows:

  • The best possible topic
  • Ideas on what to include in the introduction, body, and conclusion
  • Keywords \and phrases that will show the uniqueness
  • Organized points

Find inspiration, ask for feedback and consult your colleagues

The process should be part of your entire writing, especially when finding a great topic to write about. Reading through other inspirational essays especially scholarship application essays that have won people admissions and even scholarships is a good place to start. The essays will motivate you to tell a personal story in a particular way to give you success. Essays that have achieved success for others will also inspire you to finish yours. Asking for feedback from professionals will guarantee you a perfect essay. Sites such as Resumethatworks provide excellent resume writing services because they have experts who know the requirements admission officers consider. Consulting colleagues, alumni, and even professors will set you apart in terms of understanding what you are writing about and staying on point.

Come up with a compelling introduction and an intriguing conclusion

So many students are applying for college each year and the number of college application essays can be overwhelming for the admission office. Most officers use the introduction and conclusion to determine if to read through your essay or throw it out. A great introduction will keep them wired while an intriguing conclusion will leave them wanting more. While keeping the reader engaged the introduction should introduce all the necessary information with a relevant thesis statement. You should make sure to grab the reader’s attention, keep them engaged, and hooked. In your conclusion remember to remind the reader your main points which are why you should be accepted in this case. Making sure not to introduce new information or ideas you should summarize in a way you remain memorable to them. The introduction and conclusion are the trickiest to come up with in an essay and can determine your fate. That is why you should look at college application essay examples to see how they were started and concluded.

Proofread and Edit

The most vital part of writing your college application essay is polishing one. Here you want to make sure you come up with a perfect final draft. It the moment of reckoning and might make or break your application. Focus on narrowing down the essay by using fewer complicated terms, eliminating redundancy, grammatical errors, unimportant ideas, and anything that might distract the reader. You might not be objective enough when it comes to editing your work that is why we advise you to give it to someone else for a better edit. Asking for feedback from others is how to format a college application essay successfully.  Remember that this is a life-changing moment for both you and the people around you that is why you should get them involved. Finally read your essay aloud to make sure that it is perfect especially flow, structure, and coherence.

Use Authentic Voice and appropriate tone and compelling language

During this writing process, you are trying to showcase your personality that is why your voice should be as authentic as possible. Focus on making the essay your own and try to avoid letting others do the work for you. As stated earlier consult rather than giving the work away because it should be in your voice. An authentic essay gives you an upper hand and increases your chances of getting accepted. An appropriate tone will make your college essay stand out and show you are respectful. Admission officers will use your language to determine your proficiency in the English language. Use compelling language at the same time showing your knowledge. There is no perfect voice, tone, or language when writing about you that is why you should consider keeping it formal, specific, and appreciate to avoid looking vague or passive-aggressive.

Things you should keep in mind throughout the process

  • Start early because it will give you time to come up with the best idea, write edit or even change it
  • Consider writing about your experiences to achieve a personal tone because personality is everything in college applications
  • Keep in mind the purpose of the essay because it will motivate you to come up with the best
  • Be specific, unique, concise, yourself, honest by resisting the temptation of plagiarizing someone else story
  • Ask for college essay help from essay writing services. You can also pay for essays at EduJungles and wait as an expert to write a perfect one just for you.

Conclusively you should remember to remain positive and motivated through the application process. Your essay might get you through or not depending on the expectations of the admission officer. Stay motivated and continue with the search for a perfect institution for you despite the setbacks. Remember to research, follow instructions, plan, consult, write, and edit your college application essay to perfection.

Lisa Bianconi

Author: Lisa Bianconi

Editor of www.nohoartsdistrict.com

Lisa Bianconi
Editor of www.nohoartsdistrict.com