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How To Use Christmas To Teach Kids About Money

Christmas in itself is fun, but add children into the equation and it amplifies the excitement and festivities even more!

However, it can also add additional financial stress and problems during the lead up to the day and the months that follow. This ultimately can cause parents to take out small loans, which are in place for financial emergencies only.

With the true meaning behind Christmas being lost, why not opt for spending less this festive period and teach your children about money and the significance of Christmas. After all, you don’t need to splash the cash to enjoy the magic with your family.

Setting Budgets  

With your partner, decide the budget that you are going to set this Christmas and how much you are going to spend on your immediate family. When you have this discussion, involve the children so they can listen to a model conversation and example regarding how budgets work in a real life scenario. This is a great way for them to come to grips with how finite money is and begin to understand the importance of how and where it is spent.

Of course you want to spend a lot on your family, however you should remember that this holiday is about spending time with those you love, and so one gift is truly plenty.

Write A List

It can difficult to know how far you need to go with gift giving; your colleagues, your neighbour, your children’s teacher(s), where does the line stop? Of course it would be lovely to be able to give everyone a little something, however when you have children this isn’t always possible.

Therefore, it is a great idea to make a list of who you are going to send a gift to this Christmas and most importantly, stick to it! This is when you can get your children involved; because they can help you write the list and allocate a realistic price to each person as to how much you want to spend on them.

The trick is to not go over these set prices and impulsively buy, which can be very difficult! The lesson of generosity on a sensible scale is a very beneficial for your children to learn.

Make Gifts At Home 

If money is particularly tight in the run up to the 25th then why not create home-made gifts with your children. Not only is it a fun activity to do as a family which adds a sentimental touch to gifts, but it also demonstrates a way to cut down on spending to your children.

Decide the gifts you are going to make with your children and who is going to receive them, then go altogether to the arts and crafts shop and encourage them to choose products with a low price tag on them.


Give To Charity   

If you want to truly enhance and encourage the importance of giving opposed to how to cut down on funds over the festive period, then what better way to achieve this than by giving to charity.

Explain to the children that some people don’t have much money for Christmas, or a roof to sleep under this cold winter. Once you and your children have discussed which charity you want to give to and the how the money is going to benefit those you are contributing to, either involve your children in the giving of the money, or get them to assist you in choosing a gift to give to those with greater needs.

Taking your children to choose a gift and pay for it with their own money will boost the delight of giving for them. What’s more, if they can be involved in the presentation of the gift, they will experience the pleasure of the very grateful reaction from the recipient of the gift.

Ultimately, this will result in your children learning about compassion and to be grateful with what they have, and to understand further about why you should be particular when it comes to spending money.

There is no better time to teach your children about the importance of Christmas and giving than it is now. Get the children involved gradually with the festive finances, so they can learn at least one lesson from it. Hopefully, these tips will give you some ways in which to do this. Merry Christmas!

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