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How to Travel with Your Bike by Car

Riding a bike can be a thrilling experience, especially when you are just peddling for short distances.

However, exploring farther places by peddling can be very tiring. Therefore, you will want to transport your bike by a car. But how possible is this?

Well, relax and read on. Folks who like cycling will do whatever it takes to transport their bikes on far or near trips.

Here are some ways to carry your bike when traveling by car:

  1. Use of Roof Racks

Most people use the roof rack to transport their bikes. When using a roof rack, you can remove the front wheel or carry it without removing any wheel.

Some people choose to remove the front if their roof rack has a fork grabber. In this case, the bike is locked with the fork grabber to evade any possible theft.

This method is convenient because the trunk is accessible, and the interior stays available for your gear and passengers. Besides, the bike will not sway as you drive.

However, you will have to stretch up to get your bike onto the roof rack. The car is also likely to consume more fuel due to the wind resistance caused by the bike.

  1. Use of Trunk Mount Racks

These are affordable bike rack systems that cost about $50 to $200. Trunk racks are created to rest on the rear part of a car trunk, and they have fastenings to adjust it in place.  

The trunk-mount racks have arms and cradles that support the bike keeping locked in place.

This method is liked by many because trunk racks are adjustable and can be used in different vehicles. They are portable enough and highly storable when not in use.

The downside of trunk racks is that they impede the trunk access and can only carry a maximum of three bikes. 

The efficiency of the trunk rack depends on whether you fasten the straps tightly.  If this is done poorly, the bike may keep swaying or even fall when you are still driving. Thus, you have to be careful when using trunk racks.

  1. Use of Hitch Mount Racks

This is the most popular way of carrying bikes used by many cyclists. Although it is a bit expensive than trunk racks, it is a more secure method that is suitable for frequent users.

Hitch mount racks are made with an advanced design as they can carry two five bikes. When carrying your bikes with this method, you can use either the hanging cradle style or platform style.

Hanging cradle style is whereby the bikes are supported by the frame of the mast in these racks. In this case, the bike hangs from the rack.

While this style is cheaper than the platform style, the bikes are usually not held securely and can sway when you drive.

On the other hand, the platform style is where the bikes sit on the rack’s platform. This style is more beneficial since the bikes are kept firmly in place, reducing any abrasions and damages.

Generally, hitch racks are incredible when compared with other types of racks. They are simple to install and still more secure. Most hitch racks come with a lock. Hence security is not a problem.

If you want to buy a hitch rack, https://www.thrillappeal.com/best-hitch-bike-rack provides you with a review of the best hitch racks available today.

  1. Packing the Bike

Finally, you can pack the bike in a bag or box and put it at the backseat of your car. If you want to pack the bike, you will have to remove certain parts like pedals, wheels, and handlebars. Packing your bike in a bag will make it easy for you to put it inside the car.

Lisa Bianconi

Author: Lisa Bianconi

Editor of www.nohoartsdistrict.com

Lisa Bianconi
Editor of www.nohoartsdistrict.com