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How to Throw a NYE Party

NYE is nearly here and you can still throw a great party if you get going on things soon. Here are some tips on how to do so.

Provide Plenty of Activities

Generally speaking, a NYE party will last longer than a typical party. It will start around cocktail hours lasting all through the ball drop, and in some cases, extending a few more hours past 12am. With this in mind, plan fun activities that will break the monotony during the party. The variety of games you should consider include cards, dice, and backgammon. You can set up the games before or while serving appetizers. This will give your guest activities to focus on before serving dinner.

Another fun activity you can use to break the monotony during the party is to have everyone write their new year’s resolutions, place them in one pot and read them out. Have everyone try to guess the owner of the various resolutions.

Having something engaging for your guests will ensure the attendees have a memorable time at your party as they will enjoy the entire night (or at least until midnight).

How About Getting Festive?

More often than not, streamers, party hats, and other festivity trinkets come off as tacky. However, the opposite is true for New Year’s Eve parties. You can get everyone in the mood of the occasion by supplying New Year’s horns, sunglasses, fun light-up eye wear, hats, and other related items.

New Year’s celebration accessories are cheap and easy to find. You could order online at great prices. Importantly, they make for exciting photos, especially when everyone at your party partakes on dressing up.

If you are not up for the after-party clean up, you can choose accessories and decorations that will create little to no mess to clean up afterward. For instance, you can buy décor items such as sparklers and or small disco balls, or some sparkling drink stirrers. These accessories will yield a festive atmosphere without creating a mess or requiring active participation from your guests.

Home NYE Party

Make All The Beverages, Including Alcohol Accessible

A good way to create a festive and relaxing atmosphere is to make the beverages access. Additionally, doing this will make your guests feel more welcome. To celebrate the turn of New Year, set out pre-filled champagne flouts and set aside refill bottles as well. In case you have a large number of guests, you could also create signature cocktails, provide bottles of beer, wine, and glasses for your guests to partake.

In addition to availing beverages, you should also provide ample water to keep everyone hydrated. Setting up a self-service station does away with the cost of hiring a bartender. Your guests will also be happy and more comfortable. Importantly, the self-service station negates crowding at the bar. 

Provide A Memorable Meal

You can choose a sit-down dinner or opt to provide hearty bites for your guests. Either way, ensure you provide your guests with a creative and delicious meal to remember. A good cuisine idea is fondue as the main course or even as a dessert. It will give you and your guests a chance to bond while cooking.

The main consideration to have in mind when planning your meal is simplicity. You want a one-pot entrée that allows you to enjoy the night, rather than spend it in the kitchen. A tantalizing chili or a wonderful roast will be memorable, easy to cook, and will not create a huge mess in the kitchen, rendering it unusable for the night.

It Is All In The Details

Having a festive atmosphere, good food, and ample drinks is an important part of hosting a successful NYE party. However, your guest will still notice the small details. Consider everything and take of the details. For instance, you can pass shot-glasses of mouthwash as it approaches midnight, keeping in mind that everyone wants to be fresh at midnight. You can also customize the music section by creating a playlist with the guests’ favorite songs. Consider giving you guest disposable cameras or having a few Polaroid cameras available for your guests to snap some for photos of the party. While they might seem small details, they will make your party that much more memorable.

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