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How To Throw a Movie Party

Are you a huge movie fan and thinking of inviting your friends over for an awesome movie party? Here are some of the things that you need to remember if you are trying to host a movie party for your friends.

  1. Think about the movie genre that you will be showing to your friends. It is advisable that you inform them ahead of time about the movies that you want to watch. There are people who hate a certain film genre, especially horror, and it is up to your convincing power if they would agree watching it with others. Watching a movie together can be a fun experience, but make sure that all of your friends would agree to the idea of watching a certain movie. You can also create an online poll about the genre that they wanted to watch. While you are at it, you can also surprise them by choosing the genre of the movie once all of them arrived inside your home. You can choose the movie to draw lots, adding more excitement.

  2. Search for available recipes online and prepare the food before the guests arrive. There are lots of recipes available online that can cater to varying sizes of people. You can choose the recipe you think will be liked by your friends. Finger foods are advisable, but you can also make other food choices like pasta, chicken, or dessert. If you are having a party theme, you can serve food based on the theme that you have chosen. For adults, they can resort to creating cocktail drinks. The food or drink prepared does not matter as long as everyone likes it and all of the guests are having a great time.

  3. Prepare the movie area where the film will be shown. For those who have a dedicated room for the film showing, the room can be prepared before the guests arrive by cleaning and setting up chairs. For those who do not have a dedicated movie room, they would need to improvise. The living room can be a great place to show films, but make sure that it will be totally dark, just like inside the movie theater. Putting up black curtains can also help, especially if the movie party is being done during the day. For the screen, one could either use a projector or you could show the movie by streaming it from the computer onto a screen. An alternative would be buying a giant screen TV, which will make the experience better.

  4. Inform everyone to keep quiet, especially once the movie starts to play. It is normal to show emotions during the film, and it would also make it a better experience. When people are watching horror films, it is expected that the people will be screaming and will feel scared to the bone. Strong emotions, like fear, make a movie watching party a fun activity to do with friends. You also need to respect the decision of others, especially with the number of films that they want to watch. If your guests wanted to watch multiple movies, then prepare as many movies as possible.

  5. If you don’t have a choice about the movie that you wanted to watch, here are some of the best movies that you can watch with your friends:

Avengers: Infinity War – before the Avengers: End Game will be shown in theaters, tell your friends to watch Avengers: Infinity War first to know what’s happening. You can also binge watch all of Marvel’s movies before buying the tickets for the upcoming blockbuster.

Get Out – this movie depicts a black man being tortured by a white family. Jordan Peele directed this movie, and he also released “Us” this year which is also a highly acclaimed film.

Titanic – a timeless classic directed by James Cameron. Watch this movie with your friends and relive the experience of being in the unsinkable ship. This movie is a romantic drama. Prepare to cry during some scenes.

Godzilla – This 2014 monster movie is one of the best remakes of the Kaiju-franchise, and a sequel will be shown this year.

San Andreas – people who love disaster movies would recommend this film. It is an action-packed adventure flick that shows how the west coast of the United States would respond to a severe tectonic crisis.

The Nun – if you are a fan of horror, the Conjuring universe can be a great film choice.

Having good food, drinks, and friends over will make it a fun party, whatever you decide to watch.