How to Start a Conversation

Starting a conversation, especially with someone you like, can feel a bit difficult for many people. You might worry if you’d be saying the right words or if your comment would even get a reply.

Thankfully, there’s a way around it. Speaking experts say, “not overthinking about what you have to say to someone you like is a great way to start conversing with them. While it’s good to think before you talk, it’s even better not to overthink before you talk.”

In this article, we’ll lead you by the hand on how to start a conversation with someone you like without breaking a sweat.

1. Pick the Perfect Time

Starting a conversation at the perfect time would allow you to spend quality time together with your crush. Therefore, you should choose a free time that you both can talk without distraction or hastiness.

Check their facial expression to know if they’re ready for a conversation or not. Moreover, pick a time you know your crush will be free to talk for, say, 15 minutes. Avoid trying to initiate a conversation when they’re in the middle of an activity. Lunchtime and closing hour are the perfect time to strike a meaningful conversation with someone you like.

You may also consider engaging them in discussions during casual events like parties. When it’s time to hit the dance floor, seize the opportunity to walk up to them and have a little talk.

2. Get into Their Inbox

Your crush would be someone you know in your school, workplace, neighborhood, or even church, so it makes perfect sense if you send them a friend request. However, if you’ve only met them on social media, there’s no harm in trying to send them a message.

Research has shown that many romantic admirers are now married because one of the couples was bold to start a conversation in their dm.

So here’s the trick; keep calm and don’t appear desperate upon sending them a friend request, on Facebook, for instance. Don’t message them if they haven’t approved your request.

If you want to hello them on platforms such as Instagram or Twitter, be sure to only like a few of their pictures and then message them by saying something like; “Hello. I don’t think it would hurt you to know that you take really stunning pictures. Your smile or your pose gotta be my favorite.”

That sure sounds confident and friendly enough. In no time, you’ll be getting a positive response.

The advantage of starting a conversation with someone you like using social media is that it helps you two bond quickly when you finally meet.

3. Find Their Interest

You should make an effort to know a few details about your crush, for instance, their interests, before talking to them.

You can pick a clue by sending them a friend request on social media to see their activities, for instance, who they’re following and conversations they follow. By also physically observing them, if you have the opportunity, you can notice the activities they prefer to engage in.

Based on your findings, you can initiate a little discussion with them. If they love a genre of music, you may ask them their favorite artiste of that genre. You can even go the extra mile of inviting them to a concert where they get to enjoy such music or see their favorite artiste perform. At this point, there’ll be room to talk as much as you’d like.

4. Use Compliment

Everybody loves a genuine compliment, and no doubt, it takes a while to forget. So that means you’ll be staying on your crush’s mind for a while if you happen to give them the best compliment.

Besides, whether they’re having a bad or good day, a sweet compliment would make them feel good or even better.

Relationship expert, Brown, says, “get honest about what you like about your crush and let them know. Whether it’s their smile, poise, intellect, or other attractive qualities, be quick to compliment your crush about it. This is because it automatically puts you in a positive light before them.”

You might wonder why. Well, you’ve made your crush feel good about themself.

Here’s a caveat; don’t over-compliment them. While being honest, say it politely and casually. This technique would help your crush feel good and also retain your worth before them.

5. Speak Like Casual Friends

When you want to begin a conversation with someone you like, try your best not to talk to them like strangers. Instead, use a friendly tone. Using this approach is advisable to avoid the awkwardness that usually comes with a first-time conversation.

Moreover, refocus your mind to see your crush as an acquaintance so that you’ll eliminate any feeling of nervousness or seriousness for calmness and friendliness instead.

However, refrain from sounding too familiar to avoid looking desperate or weird.

6. Talk About Your Surrounding

There’s something around you that you can comment on when you’re in the same environment with your crush.

First is the weather. If it’s a sunny one, there’s no crime in stating the obvious, albeit doing it creatively. You can say, “this weather is good for a perfect tan, you know.” From there, they’ll chip in one or two things.

If it’s cold weather, you may say something like, “do you mind a cup of coffee in this cold weather?” Sure, they’d give you a warm reply that’d birth a good conversation.

You may also talk about what’s going on around you. The idea is to find something to talk about that’ll open your crush’s mind to converse with you.

7. Practice

The thought of conversing with your crush might get butterflies in your tummy. Hence, it’s best to practice talking to strangers to avoid fist-time conversation disasters.

You can use chat numbers by talking to two or more people to test your communication skill with strangers. This technique will help you learn how to flow in a conversation that you’re not prepared for and be confident in it.

8. Recall a Memory You Have of Them

Perhaps your crush is someone from way back. You should have one or two memories of them. Now is the best time to go down memory lane with them.

Doing this will give them the impression that you never forgot about the memory you shared, and they’re still on your mind. Furthermore, it’ll make them want to contribute to the conversation.

9. Follow Up

A communication gap is a fast way to ruin a great bond. It just enables the other party to think poorly of you.

So if you have a great bond with your crush, don’t leave their texts hanging for days or ignore them just to seem like a hot cake. It never works.

Be sure to keep the energy if you get them to feel the same way. Only then would something great materialize from your conversation.

Use the next point to follow up effectively.

10. Invite Them For a Party

After doing all of the above, a great way to keep the conversation going is by confidently telling them about how you’d like them to attend a party coming up soon.

Speak with a cool, calm voice and avoid sounding desperate. This way, they’ll find it easier to trust you and honor your invite.

Lucky for you, if they appear at the event, try engaging them in party games that’ll give you both chances to talk.

Conclusively, endeavor not to feel anxious about starting a conversation with someone you like; instead, approach them with confidence and calmness. Take a deep breath before you do, and you’ll find yourself talking like friends.

Author: nohoarts