How to Pass Cisco CCNP 300-101 ROUTE Certification Exam

How to Pass Cisco CCNP 300-101 ROUTE Certification Exam

The Cisco 300-101 ROUTE certification examination tests the candidates’ routing knowledge and skills that they possess at an advanced level.To pass this exam, the applicant should showcase their ability and skill sets in advanced IP routing, as well as their knowledge to implement scalable and highly secure Cisco routers. These routers are generally connected to WANs, LANs, and IPv6 networks. The Cisco Press website has a section called “Store” where you can find the CCNP Routing and Switching ROUTE 300-101 Official Certification Guide. This is the first guide that you should have a look at before you dwell into the advanced world of routing. It will help you not only learn and practice the 300-101 exam topics and questions, but also pass this Cisco examination. The certification tutorial has an agenda to provide you with a fair assessment and review to enable and enhance your routing skills in theory and practice which will help you pass the test. Remember that the effective exam preparation is a key for its successful passing. So, in this article we will discuss how you can prepare for your Cisco certification test, what tips should you use for your dynamic self-preparation, how to take the recommended course, and pass the exam with flying colors.

This Guide from Cisco Press will make sure that you pass the exam on the first attempt. Cisco understands the value of your time and money, and so it conducted a guide that when followed thoroughly will help you succeed. However, Cisco also understands the value of the certification and its practical purpose in real life. Thus this corporation has made the course and the exam very elaborate so that you learn every aspect of routing and switching, and you are ready to work in the real world. Cisco has a mandate to enhance the reputation of the test, so it ensures that the course is updated on a regular basis and the exam incorporates the real world situation you might face outside. So, Cisco has perfectly played a balancing act, and thus most of the industry stalwarts respect people who pass its certifications. Remember that this CCNP course in Routing and Switching ROUTE 300-101 exam guide is a self-study resource which is approved by Cisco. The corporation also relied on an expert instructor Kevin Wallace, who is also a best-selling author, to provide you with tips for your exam preparation, tricks to take the test, ways to identify your strong and weak points, knowledge on a particular subject, and further preparation time.

This Cisco guide provides some key features that is very helpful to prepare for the 300-101 exam and pass it. An interesting feature that we have not found in most of the guides in the market is the quiz before the chapter. Now most of us are professionals and have some knowledge about the area of routing and switching. So, it is possible that we may already know some of these chapters well. At the same time, since time is a huge constraint, it would not be better to take a quiz before the chapter to see how much time you need to devote to it. If you answer questions well, you can choose to scan through the chapter. The next feature is the foundation and chapter-ending task. These features allow the candidates to intercept some basic concepts and associate them with the value of the configuration commands. Later, there are post chapter quizzes that you have to refer to judge your retaining capacity and understanding of the topics at hand. Remember, referring to a small formulae guide or important note just before the exam. Yes, this is a great help when you want to pass the test on the first try. The recommended exam guide provides pictures, figures and tables with the heading “Key Topic” in the margin area for last minute referral. You can use this as a scanning mechanism just before the most important day. The excellent function that you will find in this manual is the final preparation chapter. It provides you with a study plan, tools, and devices to help candidates complete their exam preparation.

As we have already discussed that the CCNP Routing and Switching ROUTE 300-101 Official Certification Guide provides you with the practical aspects of the course apart from the theory (in relation to its objective) it offers the CD-ROM Practice Test. This CD contains the testing software which is complete with reviewed and exam-realistic questions along with options to customize it and performance reports in a very detailed fashion.

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The guide contains personal training provided by the author who concentrates on the most important topics. This provides you with a chance to better understand the key topics –those on which you will be tested the most. So, ensure that you watch these videos attentively to get a grasp on the most major topics.

We will also look at certain tips that you need to follow when you are preparing for the 300-101 examination, as well as you are writing it on the exam day. Reach the venue before time and give your brain time to gain focus on your task at hand. Don’t scan through the chapter as you walk into the exam hall. Read the questions properly, give yourself sufficient time to think, and only then answer. Remember to check if you have the option to answer/review your answer at the end of the certification test. Concentrate and spend more time on questions that carry more marks. Don’t leave too much time for topics you are good at. Leave your time to reconsider some of the questions where you had to option to do so.

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