How to: Increase Job Satisfaction, and Get that Raise

How to: Increase Job Satisfaction, and Get that Raise

Can you honestly swear, hand on your heart, that you enjoy your work?

If you answered yes and your nose didn’t suddenly grow an extra two inches, then you can count yourself as part of the lucky minority. For the rest of us, approximately 52.3 per cent according to research by the Conference Board, feeling satisfied and happy with our jobs isn’t part of working life reality.

By the end of the week it feels like most of our waking hours – the sunny ones at least – are spent in the office.

Considering this, it’s no wonder that being unhappy in your job is a recipe for disaster. Feeling stressed, lonely or underappreciated has a significant impact on mental health, leading to problems like burnout and anxiety.

When you’re feeling this way it’s easy to give up on that dream job. But improving job satisfaction is easier than you think. We’ve put together a short guide on a few changes you can make for a happier working life.

Climb the ladder with further training

Being stuck in the same job for too long can be soul destroying, especially when it’s no longer a challenge. In this case, investing time and money into further training can jumpstart your career.

So, for example, if you’re not working to your full potential as a teaching assistant, completing an early years foundation degree will put you on the path to becoming a fully accredited teacher in your own right.

But studying for a degree doesn’t have to mean leaving work. Distance learning can fit in around your current schedule, and there are loads of course and options available.

Adopt the habits of the super successful

Look to your business icons for inspiration. Many of the most successful people out there share common habits that are easy to adopt.

Most importantly, looking after number one is something successful people never forget to do. Leading a healthy active lifestyle is key to being on your top game, after all.

A regular sleeping pattern and exercise does wonders for creativity and productivity. It doesn’t have to be a big commitment either. Just try turning off laptops, TVs and mobiles after 9.30, and taking a quick walk during your lunch break.

Improve work relationships

It might sound obvious, but putting effort into being friendly with your colleagues will make a big impact on your nine-to-five. A supportive environment is good for everyone, and going out of your way to help a colleague also shows your great leadership skills to watching bosses.

Put this advice into practise and your boss can’t fail to notice. If they don’t offer you a raise, then at least you’ll have the confidence to ask for one yourself, and plenty of evidence to justify getting one.