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How to Find Cannabis Seeds With High THC

Many growers want to produce marijuana that will pack a punch, so they seek seeds that will grow marijuana with high levels of THC. Most people want the most potent marijuana they can grow. With this guide, growers will learn about the best THC strains so they can choose the right seeds to germinate. 

THC Is Important, But It Isn’t Everything

Growers often focus fully on the high they will get from marijuana and need THC seeds to accomplish their goals. While THC is undoubtedly important, it is not everything when it comes to growing Cannabis and enjoying it regularly. What good will a high amount of THC do if the marijuana has a terrible taste or odor?

It is also important to note when purchasing seeds, growers need to know the different types and what they do as far as effects. First, a person should look at the THC level and then at the effects to determine if the marijuana will give them the all-round, feel-good experience they desire. 

5 of the Top THC Seeds

Not all marijuana strains have the THC levels people want. To get the best level of punch, growers need to choose the highest level of THC seeds they can withstand. Everyone has their limits. The following offers information on the top 5 THC seeds. 

  • Fruity Pebbles offers a potent amount of THC, at 18-22%. Some phenotypes of Fruity Pebbles can go as high as 24% THC. Fruity Pebbles is an Indica-dominant strain that brings delight to everyone. 
  • AK-47 is another highly potent THC seed. Some people say it got its name because it will blow your mind. The THC levels in this marijuana range from 19-22%. This marijuana strain is Sativa-dominant. 
  • Chemdawg is one of the most potent marijuana strains, offering up to 24% THC. It is a California hybrid that is mostly Sativa-dominant, and it certainly bites hard. 
  • Nitro Lemon Haze is a Sativa-dominant strain that offers around 19-22% THC. With its deep citrus flavor, this is a favorite seed among many indoor growers. 
  • Durban Poison is yet another high tetrahydrocannabinol strain. Some of these plants can contain as much as 26% THC, but the average amount is between 19-22%. 

The above seeds will offer the top levels of THC, allowing individuals to enjoy their experience to the max. No matter which seed a person chooses, it is essential they work with a reputable seed depository that will offer the highest level of quality. 

Is It Possible to Increase THC in Marijuana Plants?

Many growers swear by the practices involved in increasing THC. Before harvesting, it is important to keep the plant in the dark for two to three days. It is also wise to harvest the plant in the morning. Although these efforts have been known to increase THC in the final marijuana product, the genes of the plant are the most important. Choosing from the above will help to ensure growers end up with a plant with the high THC levels they seek. 

Purchase the Very Best

When choosing seeds, it is essential individuals do their research. Learning as much as possible about the different strains and the effects they offer will help individuals make the right choice for their needs. 

It is also essential a grower has their setup ready. When growing indoors, this means having plenty of space and the right growing tools, such as fans, lights, and AC units. In the beginning, it is wise to choose a strain that is easy to grow for the best results. 

Author: nohoarts