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How to Film Videos When You’re Stuck at Home?

Being stuck in your house does not imply that you cannot film professional-looking videos. The entire year 2020 –starting from March, served to be one of the longest years of the decade. It was because around one-third of the population in the world was in lockdown due to the novel coronavirus.

While video creators are no longer able to go to the studio, travel across the world, or shoot freely in any given location other than one’s own homes, it is high time that you should get creative with designing attractive videos with the resources available at home. 

Filming Professional Videos While Working from Home

If you have the profession of creating or filming videos, the chances are that you do it in a well-equipped studio. Due to the pandemic, if you are forced to work from home, then you can consider some basic aspects to include in your home-based work set up to ensure optimum results. Whether you are doing everything on your own or using a reliable video editor like Clipchamp –a leading video editing software solution- you can have a great time filming videos from home.

Here are some general tips:

Ensure Proper Camera Set-up

As a video creator, your topmost priority should be the overall set-up of your camera. The chances are that you might have access to your camera for your video recording and editing. Nonetheless, it is recommended to set up a proper camera setting to get started with filming videos from your home. In case you do not have access to a high-quality, professional camera, then you can always seek help from high-end smartphone cameras with advanced features.

If you are using a smartphone for recording and creating professional videos from your home, here are some general tips:

  • Try using a hands-free tripod or some handheld device for keeping the smartphone stable while shooting. In case you do not have access to a proper device or tripod, then you can stabilize the phone’s setting by placing the same on some table or bookshelf for creating a flat surface.
  • Ensure that the smartphone is placed in the landscape orientation during the shoot. 
  • Make sure that the camera is placed slightly above the eye level for optimum coverage
  • Include the option of screen grid in your smartphone before you start filming.
  • As soon as you are done with filming, you should transfer the same to your laptop or some secure storage device. In case the video that you created is too large, then you can edit the same with the help of the revolutionary Clipchamp’s video editor tool.

Pay Attention to the Backdrop of the Video

Once you are done with the proper camera setup, the next aspect to consider is the backdrop of the video. You can go for the option of a quiet room with some source of natural lighting. Some of the useful tips for creating your DIY video studio at home are:

  • Get rid of all the items that might appear distracting to the viewers.
  • Aim at including some personality in your video frame. If you wish to spruce up the video background, you can consider including elements like trees, plants, décor items, a picture frame, and others. 
  • Ensure that there is ample lighting to enhance the overall quality of your videos naturally.

Setting Up the DIY Video Studio Lighting

If you wish to produce great-quality videos for your project, there is no denying the overall importance of good lighting. When you are filming a video, it is always recommended to face the light source. Some of the expert ideas on creating the impression of DIY video studio lighting are:

  • Ensure maximum natural lighting. You can shoot your videos in a room or space featuring abundant natural lighting.
  • Desk and lamp lights serve to be attractive alternatives in case the room is devoid of natural lighting.

Check the Audios As Well

A professional smartphone video is characterized by the presence of bespoke audio capability. In case you are using a smartphone for filming your videos, you should stand close to the smartphone’s audio feature to make your voice clearly audible. Also, it is recommended to ensure that the room is not noisy.

  • In case the smartphone audio feature is not working well, then you can make use of the voice-over effect. 
  • You can also make use of smartphone microphone plugins to improve the overall quality of sound.
  • You can invest in some top-quality audio equipment like microphones to enhance sound quality.


Whatever might be your purpose of creating videos while at home, you can deliver great results when you are well-equipped with the necessary resources. Out of these, a reliable video editing software solution like Clipchamp should top your list.