How to: create a living room you’ll love

How to: create a living room you’ll love

The sun is shining through your beachfront windows, the wind swirling outside in a lull as the far-off ocean ebbs and flows. But while you might have a fantastic view, the living room you’re sitting in is far less glamorous.

Your sofa is about as comfortable as an instrument of torture. The television looks like it’s from the set of Mad Men. And your walls, which you’re sure used to be white, have become an unidentifiable mass of brown. It really puts a dampener on that view, doesn’t it?

To give your living room a new lease of life, we’ve come up with a few ace tips. Give them a look – then give them a try.

The right sofa

Is there anything better than sitting on a sofa that feels as though it was made just for you? The type of seat that cushions your backside tighter that swaddling around a new born child?

Well, the sad fact is that most people don’t sit on a cushion of luxury. Instead they make do with seats that strain their backs and, in the long term, give them major spinal issues.

That’s why we’d recommend an entire overhaul to your seating. For our money, Chesterfield sofas are your best bet,  providing you with comfortable cushions and a boost in lumbar support.

Moreover, these sofas won’t cost you an arm and a leg – and they’ll fit in almost any living room.

The Friends look

Friends might have ended more than a decade ago, but the era-defining TV show has never really fallen out of fashion. And now, especially as the 90s aesthetic gains traction, there’s never been a better time to make your room look like Monica and Rachel’s.

Gaining the interior design look of your fave sitcom has become even easier thanks to a recent Friends exhibition in London,  the photos of which can be viewed online. Take a look at those pictures and see how you can turn your dull room into a living space that would make Monica proud.

A touch of class

Forget wallpaper, paint and expensive new furniture – sometimes all you need is a touch of class to make your room look fantastic.

Invest in a bookshelf and a few of the modern classics – Hemingway, Bukowski, Ellis and maybe even Shakespeare – to give your living room a cultured feel. Couple this with some classical ornaments, candlesticks and framed paintings to really make the room feel like it should be from the set of a Woody Allen film.

After all these changes, you’ll be happy to laze about in the sun in your newly refurbished living room.

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