How the Latest macOS Big Sur 11 Update Makes Room for Innovation

Latest macOS Big Sur 11

When Apple gave macOS big sur features a renewed look, many Mac users worldwide kept asking the same question — What does the latest macOS update bring to creators and innovators?

With the latest update, Apple has introduced the biggest ever design update to macOS since its previous version. Updating everything from the colors to the shape of window corners and the design of the icons at the dock — Apple has given a lot to explore to their users. However, to help feel users comfortable with the new update, it was designed to feel both familiar and fresh at the same time.

Below we’ll discuss some of the most valuable features you have received with the latest macOS Big Sur and how they can help you become more creative. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

The Lighter Appearance

Suppose you are already working on the latest macOS updates. In that case, you must have noticed the visible intensity emphasized on the rounded edges and clarity, which makes the dock look more translucent, apps icons have a new identical squircle shape, boring looking menu bars in apps have been revamped to make them less intrusive, so they better merge in with your content.

All these changes look lighter on the screen and have a profound advantage for Mac users. These features now use less memory of your system, which enhances the performance of your device. However, if your system is running low on memory, then you can barely experience this change. To help your system take full advantage of this update, make sure your system has free memory to deal with all the challenging tasks you throw at it. With the help of this source, you can find some valuable ways to free up your memory that will boost up your device’s performance. So, when you are a creator, this tip will come in handy to enhance your productivity.

The Notification Center

The old notification center has now been revamped with a more attractive and interactive-looking notification center. The new notification center uses iOS style widgets that you can personalize in three different sizes.

So, when you are a creator, you always want to be in touch with your clients, especially when you are closing in on a deadline. The new and more refined way of looking through the notifications will keep you updated with every email or message you are waiting for. Additionally, this updated design of notifications for core apps on your device gives you better control, which further saves your time and effort.

The ‘Safari’ Experience

With this latest update, the Safari browser is faster and more responsive than ever. And many users have also mentioned that it has now become more battery efficient. But this is not all you are getting with the latest update. With this update, Apple has improved Safari’s privacy settings, giving users all the power back in their hands. And if you are someone who needs to access websites around the world, Safari now has an embedded translation option that translates the entire webpage with just one click.

Final Thought

When you are a Mac user, you know that there is always something special for you in the latest update. And if you are a creator, you always look for ways to get more out of your efforts. The features mentioned above will help you accomplish that task. So, make sure you check them all out.

Author: nohoarts