How Mask Mode Is Reflected In Fashion And Art

The ongoing novel COVID-19 pandemic has caused some massive disruptions all over the globe.

Societies have to get used to quite dystopian conditions such as maintaining social distance, avoiding crowded places, constantly using sanitizers, and wearing masks. College and university students are studying online, and the whole education question is kind of uncertain. Sounds like some futuristic sci-fi scenario, but the pandemic brought it to reality.

After more than half of 2020, mask mode became a new norm. Even more, it is quite interesting to note that it has leaked in both fashion and art to one degree or another. Students have found new inspiration for ideas about some essays about art and fashion. While these things are ever-changing and different resources, for example can show the art-history and much more interesting facts. New creative ways to develop a thesis statement and defend it provide more space for creative and critical thinking.

The new norm

The first few months of the pandemic were quite stressful for everyone, and people were panic-buying masks, and everything began with simple disposable face protection that can be found in every grocery. This panic led to a logical shortage of the commodity for everyone, which forced people to craft their own masks and this is where they began to leak in fashion and art. Firstly, people expressed their style through different prints on homemade masks, and this quickly became both a fashion trend and business opportunity.

The development in fashion

Crafty teens decided to open creativity and support their finance stability through the creation of various prints for masks and sell them to others. This was picked up by another teens – young people quickly popularized customized face protectors through their online presence. Naturally, online celebrities picked up the trend and further popularized it, thus affecting the fashion industry.

As a result, masks became a new thing in the fashion clothing industry by appearing on the fronts of boutiques and writers promoting them in famous magazines such as Vogue. From the psychological perspective, people are likely to state that this situation is a result of people’s nostalgia for previous times, and they won’t be wrong. The same applies to the fact that people want at least some way to distinguish themselves.

After all, mask mode fashion moved far as to creating masks with intricate embroidery for brides to wear. The demand is considerable as the strictest quarantine measures have been lifted and young people want to proceed with their wedding plans. It is highly doubtful that a bride would want to wear a simple mask from the store to her wedding if it is possible to highlight this year’s mood through wedding photos.

Movement to art

            While fashion has definitely adopted mask mode to the fullest, it is important to mention art as well. Various marketing pieces such as print advertisements and billboards now feature people wearing bright and spectacular masks. Visual artists have adjusted as well and they often create paintings to emphasize the moods of 2020 by picturing people wearing masks. The same goes for different art exhibitions and fine craft shows where people present their creative ways of explaining the pandemic through masks – they can be created from sports shoes to explain humanity’s ability to adapt or straight plague doctor headpieces to show off their vision.

             The pandemic of COVID-19 forced people to wear masks, yet they managed to keep their bright spirits by turning them into stylish accessories and pieces of art. Fashion and art specialists will definitely mark this year as an entertaining piece of history. All-in-all, this whole trend shows that society is quite robust in its desire to maintain a somewhat normal life, and even pandemic can become an instrument of expressing oneself.

Author: nohoarts