How is your Mental Equivalent?

How is your Mental Equivalent? 

Much of an actor’s journey and success is based on the consciousness that you hold.

What I mean by this is how you feel about yourself, what you’re “vibing”, what you’re putting out to the universe.  In my classes, I talk about the “invisible energy” that is involved when an actor walks into a room.  What energy are you putting out? Is it humility, insecurity, overconfidence, too cocky? Are you avoiding all your nerves? How truly authentic and present are you as you interview for work, go on auditions, or meet people in the industry?  

So much about succeeding in acting is faith, belief, and standing in your personal power.  Maintaining a positive attitude is a must, and of course, talent and craft is compulsory.  I spend significant time with actors discussing how they are holding and supporting their positive attitude about themselves and the business.   Each actor needs to have their own way of perpetuating this. Some use prayer, some faith, some meditation, some metaphysics. Whatever your choice, you need some practice to keep you going, to keep you positive, motivated, and moving forward.  If you don’t believe in yourself and stay driven and inspired, you will not succeed in this business.

I see many actors who focus on principles of “positive thinking”, the “laws of attraction”, and using the ideology of the self help book and video  “The Secret”. 

I’ve seen these actors use these principles with mixed results, though I think they are all valuable.

Recently I heard a taped lecture by metaphysician Emmet Fox, where he talked about one’s mental equivalent. I notice actors who are having success seem to be doing what he talked about. They are either doing this consciously or unconsciously, and I think it’s worth a discussion here.

My observation is that just positive thinking isn’t enough, having a “mantra” isn’t enough, and just catching the “feeling” isn’t enough.

 For actors and artists who have success, I notice that there is a “trinity” of energy happening. Three things happen at the same time. Emmet Fox explains it well.


First, you need to have the thought, yes, the positive thought, (positive thinking). The second is the associated feeling that accompanies the thought and the feeling that it is already happening (getting the feeling that accompanies the thought). The third is “interest” which means much more – actions, passion, knowledge and movement.

When all three are happening, I see actors get results.

They create the thought of what they want, the associated feeling that accompanies the thought, and then pursue the interest and action.  All at the same time, not waiting for them to happen.

Most of the actors that I see having success is when they are in action and doing, are passionately interested and involved in creating what they are doing, along with the positive thought and feeling.  Too many actors have the thought, then wait for an event to give them the feeling, and/or wait for the action to arrive.  Successful actors have all three going on at the same time.

Think about it, how wonderful to be around someone that has positive thoughts, feels good and shares those feelings with those around them, and are passionately invested and actively participating in doing something they believe in and are interested in.  That is purpose being fulfilled. How is your mental equivalent?

Take care and create a wonderful day.   

Fran Montano
Author: Fran Montano

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