How is Your Community Life?

Photo by Lisa Fotios:

[NoHo Arts District, CA] – This month’s acting blog from Fran Montano of Actors Workout Studio focuses on the question, “How is Your Community Life?”

There are lots of changes with the post-Covid environment. With so many classes, meetings, readings, and even performances on Zoom, it’s been challenging to stay involved in a community.  Actors need the environment of creativity and inspiration that comes with theater companies, classes, going to events, openings, movies, readings, theater productions, even parties.

With so many people comfortable staying at home, the sense of community and being a part of a tribe is being lost. I like doing self tape and Zoom auditions. I save on driving, parking, gas and simply the time required to drive and go to an audition. Where it could take half a day to simply go to an audition, you can now do it on Zoom in 20 minutes. Plus you get to do it over and over until you feel you nailed it. It’s a great new way and I like it.

However, I do miss the sense of community. I miss running into fellow actors, maybe talking a bit, and having coffee or lunch spontaneously. You pay a price for everything they say.

I think it’s important to be involved in an artistic community. A space where you can talk, share information, network, and keep yourself stimulated and excited about not only the work, but the lifestyle that accompanies it.

My thought for this month is to take a look at your community involvement and participation. What are you doing with your time? Do you have a tribe? A group that you get to stay connected to, to process, talk, share and keep your creative juices alive?

I found many inspirations and ideas from these gatherings.  I notice myself that I sometimes long for those moments, as sometimes a simple conversation at an event would often stimulate my imagination and desire to create and start a new project.

Check yourself. If you’re finding yourself bored or uninspired, that could be a reason. I notice in class this issue comes up quite a bit. Most of the best ideas come from nowhere or an inspiration, or a moment, a suggestion, or someone sharing an experience or story.

Stay connected, reconnect with your community, and look into joining another one.

Fran Montano

Actors Workout Studio