How I use Flowers to Decorate My Home Interior

Flowers are fresh; they are natural. When I placed flowers in the room, it immediately lit up the room by spreading its fragrance throughout. Since ancient times, people have included flowers within their attire and in a room’s decor.

So, I went to the internet and found many online shops that ship flowers internationally. This gave me an idea to decorate my home with these natural beauties. I have actually seen 5 spots where I can place the flowers without losing relevance with my existing room décor, floor, and furniture style.

Now, I know, in modern times, the use of flowers isn’t as relevant as much. Nor can we find similar varieties of flowers around us, in our localities. My local florist does an excellent job of growing and selling the prominent peaks. Still, uncommon beautiful flowers like guelder roses are hard to find.

In the Hallway

I have always thought that the hallway looks empty and could use a bit more designing components. I just couldn’t find anything that would complement in that odd place.

Since the ceiling in the hallway is way high, and as we enter the room through this path, space requires something that spreads tall and is colorful to jolly me up while going through. Helen Green Design gave me the perfect solution. A mixture of green and purple hydrangeas, guelder roses, and dahlias in an elegant vase is how I decorated my hallway.

The Table Row

It is still customary in some cultures to decorate the dining table with flowers. For this, one actually needs a big table that can accommodate the flower vases beside the plates. Since we will be eating here with the flowers right in front of us, white flowers seemed like the best choice. I went with snow-white roses in a dark vase to contrast the setting.

Nightstand or Vanity Table

Actually, putting flowers in the vanity table is popular among ladies. I found that it is actually an outstanding practice as the smell and aroma of flowers lets me sleep peacefully, dream the good dreams. Waking up and looking at fresh, natural flowers also lifts up my energy. I mixed a bit of eucalyptus with other flowers to help me breathe right and clear my lungs.

The Coffee Table

Let’s face it, the coffee table is often left empty. The coffee table in my apartment is also placed at the center of the living room. So, whenever one enters the room, the coffee table comes to attention.

I opted to put some purple alliums in a transparent glass jar on the table. The color was necessary while the large heads also give the illusions of more space being decorated, and the room looks full. On the other hand, the transparent jar matches the transparent glass of the coffee table.

Decorating Shelves

Besides the coffee table, I also happen to have a shelf in the living room. Now, the rack is there to show off my showpieces, expensive art collections. All the modern, metallic design arts made the shelf look all materialistic. So, I mixed it up with flowers, bringing colors and nature to this materialistic world.

Author: nohoarts