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How hair type affects hair transplants in Istanbul, Turkey

Ethnicity is an important consideration when it comes to hair. This is because different groups of people have different types of hair.

You may not realize it, but this has an impact on hair transplant procedures and therefore does have to be taken into account by your doctor.

The shape of hair follicles actually varies among other factors. Caucasian hair follicles are oval, while Asian hair follicles are round.  African hair often has hair follicles that are oval to elliptical in shape.

While the shape of the follicles may not seem too important, other factors such as the density of hair, growth rate of hair and how the hair grows differs among groups, are also important.

Asian hair actually grows the fastest at approximately 1.2cm per month and African hair grows the slowest at 0.9cm per month. Caucasian hair type has a growth rate in between the Asian and African hair types.

The fact is that a man’s ethnic make-up does impact how his hair looks and grows. This is something that a hair transplant surgeon does therefore need to take into account.

This is another reason why having a specialist with a lot of experience is useful since it is more likely then, that they will have dealt with individual patients with different types of hair.

Knowledge of the average hair density of a person can be predicted based on their ethnicity, and even though there will be variation among individuals of a particular group; this does give an approximation of how much hair will need to be grafted, and should allow the doctor to predict growth rates and potential outcomes for individual patients.

Ethnicity and hair transplants in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is a city that is teeming with medical professionals and hair implant clinics. Such specialists can be consulted to give more advice about what hair transplant procedures are done, how much they cost and what can be expected. Click here for more information and advice on hair transplant options in Istanbul.

Doctors in these hair clinics should be aware of these ethnic differences in hair follicle structure, density and growth rates.  

It is also true that some ethnicities are more prone to having visible scars than others.  For example, African and Asian individuals have an increased risk of keloids. This is a type of raised hypertrophic scar that develops on the skin after the skin has been injured.

Scientific studies have verified that there are ethnic differences in the likelihood of keloid formation. However, there are techniques such as the Follicular Unit Extraction method or FUE that results in very little scar formation and thus may be advisable depending on your ethnicity.

There is no reason why you cannot have a good outcome from hair transplant surgery regardless of your ethnic group.

This is why it is so important for your doctor to have as much information about you as possible so as to ascertain which procedure is best for you.