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Hot. Soul. Yoga.

We like to showcase our North Hollywood businesses that create some awesome things for us to enjoy. We particularly like when that awesome thing is actually good for us! Why? We always say: “NoHo is only as great as its people.”

Meet Erin, creator of Hot Soul Yoga. She’s helping us get and stay fit in a soulful and HOT way. So let’s give a BIG NoHo welcome to Hot Soul Yoga. 

Class Times:

Saturdays at 11:30AM

Class Location:

5259 Lankershim Blvd #C
North Hollywood, CA 91601

Tel: 818-487-0100


Hot Soul Yoga NoHo via www.nohoartsdistrict.com

What is your back ground?

I was a professional dancer and can be seen on many music videos & world tours with Beyoncé Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Pink, Janet Jackson, just to name a few.

How did you first get into yoga?

All of that dancing is like a sport & my body needed some major love & healing. That is how I found yoga! After realizing I accomplished all I ever wanted to as a pro dancer I decided to retire. I quickly realized, I didn’t want my body to look like I retired. So after getting certified in Two different yoga styles I developed a class that has kept me in pro dancer shape. I strongly believe and live by the Law of Attraction so I included that as a main part of our workout and named it “Soul Sculpt” It’s training for your body, love for your soul and aligning the two together as one!

You get your fitness goals in while aligning with your Inner Being/highest self plus strengthen and practice the Law of Attraction. Manifest the life you desire every Sat 11:30am. Transform from the inside out!


Please describe a Soul Sculpt class.

We begin each class by setting our intention on something we’d like to Manifest into our life experience. It’s not about just saying what you want, but Feeling & Visualizing it into existence. We start with a small meditation set our intention for class/life then use the energy & effervescence of working out to catapult that desire. Sprinkled with Positive Affirmations. We end class with a incredible Savasana, if you don’t know what that is you’re in for a treat! Come to class to find out! Basically leaving class feeling like a million sweaty bucks! Every class you take that skill of Manifesting becomes stronger and stronger! Not to mention your booty, abs, and arms look fantastic! It’s a total body workout that burns up to 500 calories or more per class! Because of the HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training you will be burning calories and fat for the next 48hrs after class! And bcuz of my dance background the playlist is Epic! But to me, that’s not really the point.

Hot Soul Yoga stands for beauty from the inside out. Having the confidence, courage, self worth & knowingness to Manifest the life you desire bcuz you know you are truly worthy of receiving it! Most of us without realizing it fight for our limitations instead of believing we have no limitations. Self Love & self awakening is what it’s all about!

Is Soul Sculpt for everyone, age, fitness level?

Soul Sculpt is absolutely for any age male/female ranging from 16-100 and is all levels. All you need to do is show up! I tell my Yoga family that it will always be a challenge! The class will never be a walk in the park but it’s something we work our way up to and watching my yoga babes transform and grow is so amazing! For example, maybe to start it’s a basic squat that over time evolves into a squat jump with a weight! My class is a no judgment zone, we are all one and reaching our goals together!

Hot Soul Yoga NoHo via www.nohoartsdistrict.com

What do you want NoHo readers to know about this approach to fitness?

This class goes beyond your regular workout or yoga classes. It’s a journey within that weeds away the blockages, knocks down old belief patterns about yourself which allows you to break through to your best version of yourself! So whether you need to get back into shape, reinvent yourself, or maintain the great shape you’re already in, this class is a beautiful way to fortify and align your body to your soul. Even after teaching this class every Saturday, I’ve realized my own ability to manifest has gotten so much stronger because once a week I’m practicing the law of Attraction, re directing my own thoughts with my yoga family and deliberately creating the life I desire!

A yoga class at most studios is $22-26 dollars. My class is $17 dollars when you sign up online. I offer a lower rate so that it’s more affordable to come consistently, that way you can see and feel results. Right now we have a special going buy 4 classes and get your 5th class free! Positive thinking is a choice that takes practice! Grab your Tribe and sign up! Add us to your weekly self-love regimen.

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Lisa Bianconi

Author: Lisa Bianconi

Editor of www.nohoartsdistrict.com

Lisa Bianconi
Editor of www.nohoartsdistrict.com