Homeless Count North Hollywood

Homeless Count Los Angeles

Last month, Mid-Town North Hollywood Neighborhood Council board members joined the Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority (LAHSA) for its annual homeless count.

Thanks to teamwork and spreading the word, the neighborhood council recruited around 40 volunteers to count individuals who are experiencing homelessness in the San Fernando Valley. This year, the council’s very own Bob Peppermuller served as the Site Coordinator for the evening. Peppermuller is the homeless representative on the neighborhood council.

“Mid-Town North Hollywood NC [Neighborhood Council] helped the count by volunteering, furnishing refreshments and suggesting to LAHSA that they used our meeting place for a deployment site when LAHSA was looking for a location in North Hollywood. Around 40 volunteers showed up for the count by census tracts in the North Hollywood area roughly between the 170 and Burbank City line and Vanowen to Ventura Blvd. This deployment was coordinated by Los Angeles Family Housing, a homeless service provider on Lankershim, north of Saticoy,” said Peppermuller.

Volunteers played a key role in the count. While some served as counters and navigators, others took on the role of data validator and driver, all of which contributed to the success of the night.

What is the Los Angeles Homeless Count?

Every January, LAHSA counts individuals experiencing homelessness throughout Los Angeles County. The data collected is used to bring community resources and to support the fight to end homelessness in LA. For more information on how you can volunteer next year, or to learn more about the homeless count results, visit www.mtnhnc.org or visit https://www.lahsa.org/homeless-count/.