Hollywood Fringe Offers Financially Accessible Theatre in Los Angeles

Hollywood Fringe Offers Financially Accessible Theatre in Los Angeles

[NoHo Arts District, CA] – The Hollywood Fringe Festival returns this June as Los Angeles’ largest celebration of the performing arts and one of the most financially accessible ways to experience theatre in Los Angeles in 2023. From June 8-25, 2023, hundreds of performances will take place in Hollywood across a variety of genres, with options for audiences to pay as little as $0 to see a performance.

A central component of Hollywood Fringe’s mission and vision is to make the performing arts more financially accessible, both to the artists who produce work and to audiences that cannot typically afford to see live theatrical performances. Ticket prices for Hollywood Fringe productions range across the board, and festival organizers encourage participants to set their own ticket prices as part of the organization’s mission to empower artists to be their own producers. This year, the average ticket price for a Hollywood Fringe performance is $10 and 16 productions have chosen the “pay what you can” model, while eight productions are choosing to present their work to audiences for free. 

“In a city where many things can feel exclusionary for financial or cultural reasons, we are proud to have a community of artists that truly think about how to make their productions open to the public,” says Hollywood Fringe Co-Executive Director, Ellen Boudreau Den-Herder. “With an increase in our artist funding programs, we are excited to make more financially accessible productions that don’t come at the expense of the producer, and hope that these programs will increase in funds over the coming years,” she says.

Hollywood Fringe Offers Financially Accessible Theatre in Los Angeles
Hollywood Fringe Offers Financially Accessible Theatre in Los Angeles

In addition to low registration/venue costs and all ticket sales being given back to participating artists, Hollywood Fringe provides funding to select artists through programs such as the Fringe Scholarship Program and the Fringe Artist Fund. Each year leading up to the festival, the organization hosts several free or “pay what you can” educational workshops and networking events that set artists up for success, many of whom are producing their own work for the first time. Throughout the festival during the month of June, Hollywood Fringe presents free programming and events at Fringe Central, the social hub of the festival located at 905 Cole. Among these events are Hollywood Fringe-run Cabaret performances, a costume showcase, networking events, and more – all designed for artists to promote their work for free while building community with other participants and patrons. 

“Come enjoy Fringe Central with us, everyone’s home away from home where you will get to experience the Fringe spirit up close and personal,” says Hollywood Fringe Co-Executive Director, Lois Neville. “A place where artists and audiences can have real interaction without a stage door barrier. A cultural hub for new idea exchange that provides everyone the same sense of belonging, no matter where they’re coming from or going to. Oh! And there’s a bar too!”

Tickets for all productions in the 2023 Hollywood Fringe Festival are now on sale at www.hollywoodfringe.org, and will also be sold on the Hollywood Fringe mobile app and at Fringe Central during operating hours.

Key Dates for 2023 Hollywood Fringe Festival:

June 1-6: Preview week

June 7: Opening Night Party

June 8-25: 13th Annual Hollywood Fringe Festival

June 25: Awards/Closing Night Party

About the Hollywood Fringe Festival

The Hollywood Fringe Festival is an annual, open-access, community-derived event celebrating freedom of expression and collaboration in the performing arts community. Participation in the Hollywood Fringe is completely open and uncensored. This free-for-all approach underlines the festival’s mission to be a platform for artists without the barrier of a curating body. By opening the gates to anyone with a vision, the festival can exhibit the most diverse and cutting-edge points-of-view the world has to offer. Additionally, by creating an environment where artists must self-produce their work, the Fringe motivates its participants to cultivate a spirit of entrepreneurialism in the arts.

Learn more about the festival at www.hollywoodfringe.org