Helping your kids get the most out of a concert

Helping your kids get the most out of a concert

Going to a concert can seem like a pretty mundane thing to do as an adult that has witnessed tens if not hundreds of bands perform live in front of them. However, for a kid that’s barely getting into the habit of going to concerts, or maybe preparing for their first show ever, the experience can be a bit overwhelming. It’s vital that the parents help their kids understand what it is that they’re going to attend and what they should expect. It’s also the parents’ job to make sure the children aren’t going to see an artist that they have no business seeing at their age. Here are a few tips on how to manage children and their first concert experience.

Tell them what to expect

No matter what they expect from their first concert experience, it’s probably miles away from even the slightest hint of accuracy. They can’t possibly know what to expect realistically, but you do. Parents need to explain how the flow of the concert works and that there’s going to be a lot of loud noise to deal with. Also, it’s going to be a tiring experience, not to mention that connecting with so many different people through sound waves might be incredibly overwhelming. Making sure they’re prepared is the best way to ensure that they will enjoy themselves and won’t be disappointed or too baffled.

Ear protectors

It’s essential that they take ear protectors with them. There are several kinds, from large headsets to smaller earplugs. While you want your kid to be able to tell the difference in the music between a live concert and a pair of headphones, you also want them to return home with intact hearing. That being said, there is a solution somewhere in the middle. Quality ear protection will allow them to enjoy the music ideally, only deafening the sound enough so that it’s not dangerous.

Research the artist

Kids go to concerts that aren’t exactly for little kids all the time. That’s not appropriate, and nothing good ever comes out of it. Make sure to research the artist online and see what kind of music they are performing. Check out some recordings of their live shows so that you can get an idea of what your kids are walking into. If you think that their music is inappropriate for young kids, you can pull the plug.

Make sure they bring snacks along

You can get food from courts and vendors near the venue, but they can afford to sell them at really high prices since concert-goers have no other option. Packing a lunch will probably not bode well with your kid because it’s just not cool to have your parents make you a homemade snack for the concert. However, you can give them some extra money to buy some of their favorite snacks from where they usually buy them, before going to the venue. This will save them (and you) quite a bit of money.

There are few things as exciting as going to your first concert, so it’s imperative that you make sure your kids get the best experience possible. While there will be other concerts, the “first concert” is a one-time deal, and you can’t go back.