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HEELE “Still Intact” Single Release

HEELE “Still Intact” Single Release
Heele's “Still Intact” single release.

HEELE’s “Still Intact” is all spiraling guitars, gorgeous holistic beats and breaks of light, melodic, resonating hooks.  

HEELE is Michael Henss – creator, musician, vocalist, songwriter.  

This track unfolds with a kind of tense sweetness, an exquisite aching unfolding. A soulful Gary Numan, a purposeful pulsing dark story of survival. 

“Still Intact” is absolutely gorgeous. I’m an 80s girl, no excuses. This takes me back to sweaty gigs, packed cars in late night parking lots, playing songs over and over because they pierce the veil of everyone around me.

It’s epic, in a restrained, understated echoing way. Every note exactly where it was intended to be. Every word as important as the next, every space between each note planned to perfection.

I love this song, can you tell?? I guess New Haven, CT holds some lovely musical darkness I was unaware of.  How delightful!  

Michael Henss knows how to tell a tale, how to create a place in time with layers and layers of sound ending with an echo.  It’s blissful and twitchingly danceable. “Subterranean memories, from the bottom to the middle with the greatest ease.” 

Love, love, love it!!!! I’m all over his website looking for more.

Heele's “Still Intact” single release
HEELE’s “Still Intact” single release


Musicians/instruments: Michael Henss – Everything

Producer (s): Michael Henss


Official website: https://mhenss.wixsite.com/heele

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heele.music

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heele.music/

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7M36uBmVXxl6yP0yMoXhgw


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