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I recently went on a trip to Honolulu, Hawaii and happen to read about it being the #1 happiest city in America. Granted, it’s on a pacific island that offers beautiful scenery and mostly sunny and warm weather. But, I started thinking about what creates the “aloha spirit” of Hawaii, which seems to exude happiness from all the locals there. Here are 4 essential ways I believe people in the top happy areas of the United States, and the world for that matter, achieve their happiness.

1. Appreciate. Stop seeking out and thinking that you always need stimulation in things like internet, TV, music shows, video games etc. Simply appreciate everything you have and everything that’s around you. Don’t take for granted your true friends, your family, your health and the breeze that’s blowing outside your window right now. Employ an attitude of gratitude each and everyday of your life. Life is precious, savor it.

2. Stop the “if only” and “when I” cycle. We can’t expect to be happier and more complete once we “make more money”, or “get a new car”, or “get in a better relationship” etc. It’s insanity to believe life becomes something special once you receive something. It’s a wet dream of happiness that will never come. There’s always going to be up and downs in life and things we’ll never have or accomplish. Start being happy today, no matter what you have or don’t have. You have a lot right now, and just don’t realize it.

3. Stop focusing on your neighbor’s grass. No, I’m not talking about the legalized marijuana your neighbor might have on the coffee table. Ha ha. I’m talking about the old expression, “the grass is always greener on the other side”. There’s 7 billion people on the earth and you’re going to compare yourself to each one you come across and get jealous for what he/she might have and you don’t? Ugh. Stop that. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably doing better than most of the people on this earth. Stay true to you, focus on your capabilities and goals, and let God worry about the other 7 billion people…you don’t have to!

4. Grow and give. Tony Robbins always says that humans can only be happy when they are growing and giving, and I truely believe that. You can do this by getting educated, continuous learning, setting goals, working at a relationship, nurturing children, volunteering in your community, coaching, and/or donating to good causes that help humanity. Get away from “me, myself, and I” all the time, stop being selfish and self-centered, and let your light shine so that others may bask in it.

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