Health – Making yourself “Crazy” over Health and Fitness?


If you just can’t seem to get the momentum on your exercise program going, and find a million excuses to skip the gym and eat bad things, it may be time to make yourself a little crazy! Yeah, that’s right – wacky, insane, and wildly weird about exercise and eating well. As adults we may have a tendency to over think things, dwell on the past, beat ourselves up, or worry about the future. To an extent we must do those things to be realistic about where we’re going and what we’re doing in our lives.

But give yourself permission to just let loose when it comes to your health (in a positive way). Don’t expect or demand instant results when starting an exercise program or improving your food intake. Don’t dwell on what you are giving up (time and/or money). Don’t even worry about what other people think. Just be crazy by trusting and embracing the process, which in turn will stir around those positive brain chemicals called endorphins that will be dancing and prancing around from your healthy and active lifestyle, and in turn will get you “in the zone” of doing the right thing for your body and your mind.

You’ll start to hit a stride, and the physically, mentally, and emotionally positive results will start to trickle in and culminate. You’ll begin to have extra energy, extra focus and clarity, extra strength, flexibility and range of motion, to get through the normal challenges and obstacles of everyday life. Then the cosmetic changes will start happening and your body will start taking shape, just the way you want it. But notice, I said all this good stuff would start “trickling” in. This isn’t a miracle pill or a potion, or a 7-steps-to-change-your-life-in-a-week type of scam. It’s a one-day-at-a-time type of “inch-by-inch” approach that is realistic for an everyday, average person like me, and you, and it stays true to your human body, mind, and soul.

Each day will build on the last. Each positive change will snowball into several other positive changes, and a solid foundation will be laid for you to construct yourself into exactly what and who you have always wanted to be. You can’t build a house overnight and expect it to be solid, strong, and last a long time. You have to lay the foundation brick by brick. I promise being a little crazy about health and fitness during the process of building YOU day by day does truly work! It might take longer than you want, or it might come sooner than you are ready for. Think about that one…Deep, ay?

(The excerpt you just read is from Jack’s up-coming e-book(s) available on Nov.4th called “Tight, Tone, and Trim: How to get rid of Cankles, Bat Wings, Thunder Thighs, and Muffin Tops” and “Cut, Cool, and Confident: How to get rid of Beer Belly, Chicken Legs, Wimp Arms, and Man Boobs”.)


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