Hassle-Free Jewelry to Accessorize a Plain White Shirt

accessorize white t shirt

Nothing makes a statement quite like a crisp, chic white shirt. Hailed as an icon in the fashion world, a great white shirt has been in the portfolio of the most fabulous fashionistas. What completes it, though, are some fine jewelry pieces.

For something as versatile as a classic white shirt, surprisingly, there are just a few jewelry pieces that would compliment it the best. From layered chains to long hoops, these jewelry pieces work perfectly with a white shirt. Fashionistas like the Hadid sisters and Kardashians can often be seen adorning such jewelry pieces and rocking the outfit. Because of its collar, you have the opportunity to layer your jewelry, which makes the overall look more exquisite. Having a set of jewelry pieces that will notch up your fashion game is always a good idea, especially for a classic white shirt.

In the words of Elizabeth Taylor, ‘Every woman must have a white shirt in her wardrobe’. Below are a few such jewelry pieces that will complement that shirt, as no other jewelry will. Have a look.       

1. Silver Hoops

Carolina Herrera once said, “the beauty of a white shirt is that it’s so versatile and becomes whatever you want it to be.” The iconic wardrobe staple has become even more popular this summer. It is also being displayed as a standout piece and offering several looks at the New York Fashion Week 2021 by famous designers like Ralph Lauren, Brandon Maxwell, Tory Burch, and more. There are endless ways for women to style a white shirt, starting from a beautiful pair of silver hoops. The cool-tone metal allows a hint of sparkle to be displayed for daytime glamour while adding a few colored stones to the picture can make it an eye-popping piece. Going for a pair of Tanzanite earrings in bluish-purple tones, encrusted to high-quality silver metal, will be a perfect blend of chic and contemporary fashion. To put together the entire outfit, make sure to stack a couple of sleeve rings in signet or swivel styles, along with a few layers of chains. With a beautiful red lip, this look is perfect for hitting the boardroom, walking the red carpet, sitting at a cafe, or visiting the supermarket – the choice is yours. 

2. Black Diamond Pendant

When in doubt about what you should wear, take a crisp white shirt and style it however you like. Well, it may sound easier than done, but there are endless ways to create surprising looks with your favorite wardrobe-essentials. If you appreciate minimal styles and adornments, stick to a pair of leather pants, a well-fitted shirt, and wear a delicate chain with enabled black stone to add an edge to your look. You may go with a single black diamond or a healing stone, Shungite, which is much more affordable. Shungite jewelry can be used daily for its various health benefits – it can protect against harmful EMFs and other negative energies, as well as balance your body’s chakras. The stone is known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and detox properties, which can aid multiple skin diseases, bring relief to muscle aches, purify the body and mind from negative thoughts, and create an aura of peace around the wearer.

3. Gold Bangles

Undoubtedly, the yellow gold metal looks the most exquisite and polished against a crisp, white shirt. If you want to accessorize your wrists with the outfit, you can start with stackable gold bangles to add more shine and statement to your look. It will instantly make you look rich and chic and create a standout look for summer/spring. Wearing personalized bracelets with a small engraved disk, stone-encrusted motifs, or sparkly diamonds can add another glamour and luxury level to the outfit. Complete your attire with an impeccable pair of tailored trousers, some platforms, layered chains, and a classic pair of chunky gold hoops to pack a punch for the day. Later, you can switch to a heavier statement necklace with some diamond danglers to carry this daywear outfit into the night.  

4. Layered Chains

If you’re looking to amp up your white shirt in the quickest way possible, then nothing would do it like a few layers of chains. Try to add some texture, bold colors, shapes, character, and edginess by playing around with pendants, charms, metal tones, thickness, and lengths of the chains. This will amp up the ensemble into a red-carpet-worthy look, with less clutter and more bejeweled elements. In the case of longer chain lengths, you may also leave a few top buttons undone to create a plunging neckline and give space for adding more pieces. If you want to avoid the added weight, you can go with three-four delicate chains, starting with a tennis choker and leading to a longer rope-length chain with a drop pendant or colorful charm.

Author: nohoarts