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national naked day.png - 20.94 KbWhile looking for an electronic greeting card to send a friend, I found out from it was National Naked Day on Friday, May 4. Whether it is official and a designated holiday by the President or congress I don’t know but I thought our readership may want to take advantage and try out the “Art of Being Naked.”

NoHo is an arts district…why not celebrate the greatest art form – the nude body. With some imagination and research on the internet, I found some interesting ideas on how to celebrate National Naked Day. These activities can be done with or without a partner.

Photography: photograph yourself or your partner in the nude. Frame it and put it on your bedroom wall.

Dance: Put on your favorite tune and see if you move better naked.

Burlesque: A strip tease is quite appropriate for this day.

Body Painting: Get some paints from Carter Sexton Art Supplies and use your body as a canvas.

For those of you more modest…getting naked for a good massage works, too!

For the real brave men of NoHo!

rude022.jpg - 9.49 Kb

Check out They are petitioning the President and Congress to make May 4 National Naked Day.