Happy Hallo-woof! Halloween Ideas for Your Four Legged Loved Ones!

It’s costume season! October is an exciting month to have some Halloween fun with your four legged loved ones! Below is a list of costume and party ideas that are so adorable, your head will explode into confetti! No plans or ideas yet? Don’t worry! This list will have you rushing to create and show off. On a budget from zero to plenty, your pets can have as much fun dressed up as you will.


Love colors? What better way to create your own masterpiece than to dress your pup in a makeshift peacock costume! The simple ingredients for this adorableness is a regular ol’ doggy sweater in the base color of your choice. Dark blue, teal and purple are popular. Next you’ll need colorful feathers from any fabric store. Build layers of the feathers to make your peacock as light or as fluffy as you like, then sew or glue the feather skirt to the bottom of the doggy sweater. The last piece is an old headband either from your 1990’s closet collection, or from any store that sells pet headdresses. If you get a headdress that has another accessory on it, simply cut it off and sew or glue more feathers to the top. This costume can be as inexpensive as you can make it, and is more than likely to turn heads and get plenty of compliments. Just be prepared for questions on the DIY instructions, and for photo opps!

Throw a Bourbon Street, Mardi Gras party! There is no better theme than Mardi Gras for outfits that scream bold colors. This is a fun idea you can host at a dog-friendly park during the day, and hold contests for best dressed or most festive. Mardi Gras beads would be a perfect prize for pet parents, and treats for the pups would be appreciated by all!


Want your pet to be adorable while saving money? Here’s an idea for a costume that can be made using items you already have! Use gloves stuffed with cotton balls to create makeshift antlers, and sew them on to a pet sweater. This fall-inspired costume can cost nothing, and the outfit can keep your dog or cat nice and warm, too!

A nice warm pet-friendly dinner with friends and family would be a cozy treat for all. Cooking traditional fall meals for people and pets will likely fill your home with lovely smells and lots of smiles!


Who doesn’t love a good tutu? Tutus can provide a wide range of costume ideas based on the color choice. Use light green or green and purple to turn fido into fairy. Wings are really easy to find, and often kid costumes will work just as well. Pink or black tutus and wings can make your four legged loved one look like a two legged Natalie Portman from ‘Black Swan’. Or, find a flower print pet sweater and a pink tutu to mimic Jim Carey in ‘Ace Ventura, Pet Detective’. How appropriate, right?

Throw a movie theme Halloween party and rate costumes based on closest similarity to movie characters. This is a fun idea because, in addition to food, movies provide entertainment and relaxation. Just stay away from the scary thrillers to avoid any indoor peeing!


How amazing is this? If you want to win Best Costume regardless where you go, put your time and effort into this hilarious outfit. If your pet is up to it and you have the time, dress up in the scuba costume that is sure to turn heads. With enough creativity, this get up can be made with dog costume and makeshift clothing items. Snorkel not included, though! Just imagine your pup running through a party in this costume – everyone will want to give you and your doggy an applause!

Can you say “pool party”? There’s no more appropriate setting than a pool party or the beach to scuba. Throw one of these and dress up in swim and scuba themes to complete the idea. Make sure to do it on one of these sunny and hot Los Angeles days!

Halloween season is one of the best chances to bond and show some love to your pets. Take plenty of pictures, they’ll go great in your home year round until the next one. Share your posts with us on twitter or instagram, we’d love to see what you come up with!