Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Howl-o-ween is almost here! Now that your furry loved ones are ready to prance in their spiffy pet costumes, read up on these safety tips to cover all the bases on this year’s Halloween, which lands on a busy Friday night. Keep these tips in mind as you frequent the town or have the party come to you.

No Halloween Candy!


Halloween treats are for us humans, not our pets. Your doggies and kitties love the same pet treats year-round, so avoid getting fancy with candy meant for people. Specifically, chocolate is one of the most toxic to pets. Many dogs are inherently attracted to the taste and smell of chocolate, making it especially important to keep them away. Have your pets’ yummy familiar treats handy and readily available to avoid this problem. Candy other than chocolate should also be avoided. When large amounts of sugary, high-fat candy is ingested, pets may develop pancreatitis, which is a very painful inflammation of the pancreas and is potentially fatal. Watch out for symptoms such as loss of appetite, lethargy, diarrhea and vomiting. Avoid this danger by keeping the treats away and keeping a close eye on your pet throughout the night.

Keep Pumpkin Away From Pumpkin


Jack-o-lanterns are the most popular Halloween decoration by far, but the festive decor should be kept in designated areas to keep pets and passer bys safe. If eaten, decorations like pumpkin and corn can cause pets an upset stomach. Electrical wires used for lighting decorations should also be out of plain access to avoid being chewed on. Your pet may not usually chew on wires, but a layout of new wires in a familiar place may be tempting. If candles are used, be especially safe with where the pumpkins are placed. Candles can cause hazards if knocked over. Cats are likely to gravitate toward the flicker of the flame to play with it.

Keep the Birthday Suit Option


Pet costumes are always super fun, but don’t force them. Wearing a costume for some pets can cause undue stress, so make sure before you put them in one that they absolutely love it! Choose a costume that does not restrict any natural movements, and have your pet try it on before the big night to observe any allergic reaction or fidgeting. If there are any signs of discomfort or distress, better to let your pet hit the big night in his/her birthday suit instead!



This is a year-round protector, but always double check everything before a big holiday. Halloween is a very outdoors event which makes it easy to lose pets. If you’re staying in, the opening of house doors for trick-or-treaters or invited guests leave more opportunity for pets to bolt out, especially if your pet gets anxious with so much front door activity. Along with maintaining proper identification, consider having your pets in a separate room away from all the activity. It’s okay to have a party pooper! The knocking and shouting at your home entrance often causes a lot of stress which adds to the possibility of runaways. Keep your pets cozy and safe in their own room and shower them with hugs and pet treats throughout the night.


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Author: nohoarts