Halloween; How I like to Design

For many of us, Halloween was and is a fun time. Adding a few decorations makes it that much more special.

It’s a ‘holiday’ that can easily transition from your fall decorating by adding a few special items. Here’s what I like to do.

1. Add a Halloween wreath. It’s an easy fix by adding a few little ghosts and goblins to one you already have.

2. I also change out my door mat to something a bit more festive. I take away the one I use for autumn for a few days, and return when Halloween is over. I like to add a few lighted ghosts on either side of the door for light and safety with a few carved pumpkins with candles inside.

3. When having guests over I add gauze over a black table cloth. Adding black and orange chargers under white plates adds to the theme of the day. Cookies, cupcakes and other goodies look great presented this way. I also wrap napkins with black pipe cleaners or orange grosgrain fabric put into a simple basket.

4. For the guest bath, I simply add black and orange guest towels with a few small Halloween pieces on the counter.

These are just a few things I like do for Halloween. Whatever you choose to decorate with will be great.

Simply have a fun time putting things together and you won’t go wrong.