Gregory Abbott “Summer in The City” Single Release

Gregory Abbott “Summer in The City” Single Release
Gregory Abbott “Summer in The City” Single Release

What we need more than every is a joyful, soulful summer. Gregory Abbott’s new single “Summer in the City” goes a long way to helping us get there.  

Gorgeous warm soulful vocals, sweetly rocking us, gently charming us. Simple melodies, cleverly layered with beautiful backing vocals and rhythms.It’s all about slow dancing in the warm night air, romantic, sweet, unpretentious.  

Really, it’s the perfect summer song. Something to fall in love to and boy how we need some love right now.  It’s a bit retro, but not remotely dated. Harkening back to a less crazy time, when all we worried about was the weekend and where to go first.

His voice reminds me of Billy Ocean, or Smokey Robinson and with all the heavenly restraint of Marvin Gaye.  Billy Ocean makes sense since Abbott is half Antiguan.  Something about those Caribbean men and their sultry songs.  

“Summer in The City” is a beautiful song brilliantly produced by the multi award-winning Abbott who has a career to envy and an easy style that belies his phenomenal talents. 

Love this song! Thank you Gregory Abbott for taking me away to the swaying palms and the salty breezes of the Island for a little while…

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Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
Author: Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

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