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Great Reasons to be a Surgeon

Being a surgeon is great in itself, but gaining certain skills can be invaluable.

Besides having the latest knowledge and techniques required in surgery, all great surgeons have a lot in common in their personalities that actually makes them great in other senses as well. If you are a medical student and intend to be a great surgeon, you can be so if you are blessed with the following excellent qualities. Have a close look at them and strive to develop the few skills you find yourself lacking in.

  1.  Manual dexterity

The more you are able to work with your hands skillfully, the better are the chances that you click as a successful surgeon in the near future. An expert surgeon can always handle the most critical, complicated, and crucial stages during an operation with impeccable hand-skills. A professional surgeon always works with the surgical equipment using the minute and controlled movements of their hands resulting from their superb hand-eye coordination. Develop a habit to practice to handle all sorts of daily activities with care and delicacy. It can help you greatly when you work as a surgeon in the operation room.

  1. Ability to handle the unexpected

Unexpected things or outcomes happen all the time in the operating room. Procedures often go astray and surgeons have to adjust on the fly. It is said that one of the hardest things in the realm of surgery is not having a predictable schedule. A great surgeon always handles the unexpected with cool and calm nerves. They instantly change course of action according to the situational demand. That’s why you must also have the ability to adapt at once to unfamiliar situations with flexible nerves if you want to be a great surgeon.

  1. Communicational skills

Having diagnosed the core issue and the surgical solution to cure it, a surgeon must be able to convey it to their patient properly and convince him/her with excellent communication skills. A surgeon must have the ability to elaborate on each and every aspect of the surgical treatment they are going to adopt. Suppose a person has a bunion problem with his foot which can only be cured through surgery. The surgeon concerned must tell their patient the importance of this sole solution and all the pre-and-post surgery precautions along with the bunion surgery cost in such a comprehensive way as to convince him then and there. Moreover, a great surgeon always remains polite to his juniors and the other paramedical staff while working inside or outside the operation room.

  1. Mental strength to lead a team

In an operation theatre, a surgeon is like a leader working with all of their team members belonging to different fields of surgery. As such, a surgeon must have the ability to lead them from the front and guide them to handle the whole activity successfully. Besides performing their surgical duties, they must also try their best to keep the morale of all the members high through their best motivational abilities. In case there raises an unpredictable stage and all eyes look at them for the quick remedy, the surgeon must be able to decide how to handle the whole issue successfully. They must behave in a way to ensure that their team members take courage and stamina when they look at them during this crisis situation. 

With the above-mentioned traits in his personality, a surgeon can gain the repute of a renowned professional and feel proud of themselves the right way.


Author: nohoarts