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Going Tech: 5 Best Schools to Choose

The world is getting more and more dependent on technologies. Every industry heavily relies on tech specialists. Naturally, many students are choosing tech majors. This decision promises lots of career options and interesting professional experience. 

Apart from launching their own business, tech graduates can build a rewarding career in a range of fields. Medicine, Data Science, eCommerce, Engineering, Construction, and many others. A world needs tech specialists. They create and configure technologies to meet growing business needs and continue to improve lives.

Going Tech: 5 Best Schools to Choose alex knight 2EJCSULRwC8 unsplashhttps://unsplash.com/photos/2EJCSULRwC8
image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/2EJCSULRwC8

Obviously, what school to choose is a critical question for all students-to-be. Finding a great educational institution is not as easy as it is to find your essay helper on essayhelp. It requires way more time and research. 

In the following article, we’ve made a list of the best tech schools in the world. Read ahead to find out more about your dream school or finally make up your mind!

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT is one of the most well-known and recognized tech universities worldwide. This US institution was founded in 1861 by a small community of science lovers and problem-solvers. Educational innovation and dedication to technological development drive its focus on STEM fields.

Today’s MIT alumni, students, and staff are at the forefront of the world’s most impressive developments and breakthroughs. Experiments and research at MIT fuel scientific progress and foster further scientific advancement. 

That’s why so many talented students look forward to entering this university. Yet, this dream is quite hard to fulfill. MIT is one of the most selective universities worldwide. It enrolls only the most prominent and successful students. Those with notable academic pursuits and interesting ideas.

Stanford University

Stanford University is another US institution on our list. It’s located in San Francisco, CA. This place is a factory of the qualified cadre. Its alumni are working in Silicon Valley and big tech corporations across the world. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Stanford graduates own every second startup in Silicon Valley. At the same time, Stanford alumni often take leading positions in big tech business administration as well. 

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image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/-GoKFTYnRoQ

For over a century, Stanford has been building its reputation as a research center. It can boast 19 Nobel Prize laureates and winners of many other awards. That alone proves its high research output. Stanford also promotes active student life and extracurricular activities. It supports student physical and intellectual development and fosters creativity and innovation.

It is also very selective when it comes to admissions. The university cherishes diversity, inclusion, and cultural tolerance. At the same time, it strives to recognize talent and facilitate its development.

Tsinghua University

This Chinese university located in Beijing is also one of the most recognized tech schools in the world. Most of its graduate degree programs are offered in English. This promotes student exchange and international scientific collaboration.

The university has a range of facilities focusing on Engineering and Tech studies. It hosts the Tsinghua National Laboratory of Information Science and Technology, The State Key Laboratory of Precision Measuring Technology, and many others. Students have access to state-of-art technologies and cutting-edge devices. This helps them research emerging technologies and further advance science.

The university is highly selective as well. However, since it decided to become more international, foreign students have better chances to get enrolled.

University of California – Berkeley

UC – Berkeley is another American top university on our list. It’s located near San Francisco, CA. Unlike Stanford, it is more focused on research than on hands-on experience. This makes UC-Berkeley one of the top world’s institutions in terms of technological science development.

Berkeley alumni and faculty members include over a hundred international award holders. The projects and breakthroughs developed by students and staff are recognized around the world. They are actively used to improve lives and the human condition.

Berkeley has a huge campus. It has all the facilities students may need from housing to entertainment. It focuses on creating an environment where students can enjoy every second of their time, balancing both studies and life.

The university has strict admission policies as it strives to enroll the best of the best. At the same time, it has managed to build a diverse learning environment.

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

Established in 1855, ETH Zurich is well-known for its cutting-edge research and innovation. Just like every institution on this list, it has many alumni that hold various awards. Moreover, the great Albert Einstein is ETH Zurich’s alumni.

Education at this university combines theory and practice in the right proportion. Most degree programs are based on a solid mathematical foundation. ETH Zurich actively encourages students to take part in cultural and leisure activities. Lots of regular symposia and conferences on campus are available to all students of 16 university departments.

At the same time, ETH Zurich pays lots of attention to exercising student bodies as well as their minds. All university sports teams are successful and regularly attend world’s student competitions.

Imperial College London

This British university is located in the area where ‘science and the arts would come together’. Its neighbors are the world’s most recognized ballet schools and colleges of art and music. It, however, focuses on Science and Technology. 

Imperial College is a research-based educational institution. It is equipped with cutting-edge technologies. This allows its educators to foster experiments and research. It also encourages students to progress scientifically. It is especially active in promoting creativity and innovation. Specifically when it comes to solutions addressing global challenges. A high level of interdisciplinary collaboration makes this direction of research highly effective. 

The university is one of the most international in the world. Over 60% of its students are non-UK citizens. It is also one of the most culturally diverse and inclusive. Yet, it is very difficult to get enrolled in Imperial College London. With such a history and background, this university remains to be one of the most selective in Europe.

Lisa Bianconi

Author: Lisa Bianconi

Editor of www.nohoartsdistrict.com

Lisa Bianconi
Editor of www.nohoartsdistrict.com