Globus’s “Cinematica”

A NoHo Arts music review of Globus’s “Cinematica.” 
A NoHo Arts music review of Globus’s “Cinematica.” 

A NoHo Arts music review of Globus’s “Cinematica.” 

Globus’s “Cinematica” is the kind of music that you can live with for a really long time. Not just because it’s a very big album, 17 tracks in all, but because each song is that perfect balance of exquisite production, insanely good lyrics and phenomenal musicianship.

“Cinematica” is actually wildly cinematic…Muse-like, full of lush landscapes and sculptural sequences. It’s dark and dense at times and flooded with light and hope at others. 

A NoHo Arts music review of Globus’s “Cinematica.” 
GLOBUS: Epic Live, Artist Profile

Yoav Goren, the heart of the project, has deep roots in film scoring and composing and this talent brings with it a vivid and artistic visual intensity. If you close your eyes and let the music wash over you it’s easy to see the music and feel the world he has created.

The vocals are also pretty spectacular. And with so many songs and such a rich variety of themes, Yoav has brought together a truly wonderful group of highly accomplished and gifted singers to tell his stories. 

This is a big record with a big sound, but doesn’t overwhelm or feel too much. It’s both epic and ephemeral, but still totally grounded and effortless. The musicians he has assembled are a credit to his creativity. As is his gorgeous retelling of David Bowie’s “I’m Afraid of Americans.”  This album is s journey through an eclectic mind, full of opinion, compassion, the complexity of the human condition, well-founded fears and strangely hopeful sentiments and deeply moving music. 

I absolutely loved every second of this intelligent, sexy uncompromising and oddly romantic “Cinematica.”

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A NoHo Arts music review of Globus’s “Cinematica.” 


Artist Name: Globus

Location: Santa Monica, CA

Release Title: Cinematica

Release Date:10/14/2022

Label: Imperativa Records, Inc. (self-owned label)


Yoav Goren – Piano, Synths, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals

Ryan Hanifl: Vocals

Dann Pursey: Vocals

Lisbeth Scott: Vocals

Anneke van Giersbergen: Vocals

Lindsay Solo: Vocals

Adam Max Goren: Vocals

Stacy Wilde: Vocals

Jane Runnalls Poole: Vocals

Tate Simms: Guitars, Bass

Ariel Mann: Guitars

Mark Phillips: Guitars

Kfir Melamed: Bass

Gregg Bissonette: Drums