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Remember when movies were nothing more than silent black and white videos with a musical soundtrack? Or how about when the only way to make a call was from a landline?

Even video games required this oversized console with bulking games and tons of technical issues! If you don’t remember this or only know of these former conveniences due to research, chances are you’re a millennial.

The truth is technology has forever changed the way we’re entertained. No more long corded phones with hard to use dials or bulky televisions that required antennas for reception. Now you can be entertained when you want, how you want, and virtually anywhere you want.

1. No More Tuning to Radio Stations

Listening to music used to require searching through several available radio stations. If you were lucky, you’d find a station that wasn’t filled with static, but then you’re inundated with news reports, commercials, and celebrity interviews.

Now, thanks to modern technology you can listen to music in the car, at the gym, in the office, or wherever you want without the inconvenience of commercials, interviews, or news. Radio subscription services, such as those provided by HAKT Radio for instance, allows you to easily find music you love and listen as long as you have an internet connection. Hook up your smartphone in the car, listen on the desktop from your cubicle, or plug in your ear buds and listen while traveling by train. You can stop, pause, rewind, and play your favorite songs, create your own stations, and even share music with other subscribers.

2. No More Waiting Weeks for New Shows

If you had a favorite show a few years back, missing the original air time meant waiting until a rerun shows the following week. Recording your favorite shows meant investing in a VHS or DVD, setting the television to the appropriate channel, and hitting the record button.

Well, thanks to cable and satellite television service providers, catching your favorite show is easy. Most service providers allow users to watch shows and movies instantly from their mobile device. All you have to do is sign in to your service provider’s website and click on the latest shows and moves. Not available to watch it on the go? There’s still the option of recording your favorite shows without the hassle of a VHS or DVD. Digital video recorders make it easy for subscribers to record multiple shows at once and watch them at their convenience. DVR features also allow you to skip all the commercials, pause, fast forward, or rewind as needed.

3. No More Video Rentals

When you wanted to watch a movie that had already left theaters you’d either have to purchase the VHS/DVD, or you’d have to rent it from a video rental location. The process of finding a video rental location, finding the movie you wanted in stock, paying for the movie plus rental fees, and remembering to bring it back to avoid late charges was a lot.

Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu however, have made watching your favorite movies easier than ever. Instead of having to purchase or rent each movie you pay one monthly fee for access to hundreds of movies and television shows. Now you can watch them over and over again on any device you so choose without having to remember to return it or worrying about late fees. Inventory of course is never an issue and the entire family can enjoy shows and movies from the same subscription for minimal out of pocket expenses.

Listen and watch instantly with an internet capable device from anywhere and be entertained at home and on the go. As you can see, technology has done wonders for transforming the way we’re entertained. So whether you’re looking to hear the latest tunes on the music scene, catch up on your favorite sitcom, or watch a movie you missed in theaters, it can all be done in an instant.

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