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Your body is like a hybrid car. It can use various forms of stored energy for fuel such as carbohydrates, fats, or proteins. It can switch on and off between these energy sources. During exercise, fat and glucose are the major sources of the fuel. So how do you get it to use most of your stored fat for fuel?

* Stay consistent with your workouts. The longer you maintain continuity with your workouts, the more efficient your body becomes at tapping into fat for fuel. So stay disciplined and consistent with your workouts. Don’t get discouraged it you don’t get drastic results right away when you are on a program. Your body is adapting to the workouts by using a greater percentage of fat for fuel as each week or so goes by that you are on an exercise program. Eat really healthy and workout consistently and you will get results!

* Cut down on Carbs. I’m not saying to go drastic like no carbs (which is bad in so many way…but that’s for another article). I’m suggesting lowering your total daily carbohydrate intake. Normal recommendations for daily carbs is about 50%-60% of your daily calories. Limit the starchy carbohydrates while keeping vegetable intake high. Always remember to chose whole grain carbs, and include fiber in your diet.

* Increase your Protein Intake. Protein has a significant effect of fat burning because the body burns more calories assimilating protein than any other nutrient. Eat about 20g protein from lean sources such as fish, turkey, and chicken breast at each meal. Remember, all animal protein does have cholesterol, so don’t over do it.

Cardio vs. Resistance Training. Which one burns more fat? Yes, it’s true that low endurance cardio like jogging on a treadmill for an hour uses a greater percentage of fat from your body as fuel, as opposed to a high intensity resistance/power type workout of the same duration. However, you burn more total calories from the high intensity workouts. (And weight loss and thus fat loss can only be achieved by expending more calories than you consume.) So don’t get too caught up in the “fat burning zone” myth of jogging on a treadmill hour after hour in the gym. (And that does a number on your knees!) Make sure to have a good mix of higher intensity workouts for the total calorie burn, and lower intensity cardio type workouts for a higher percentage of fuel from fat burn.



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