Geometric Design is More Than You Might Think

For years, many of us have associated geometric design motifs with a contemporary or modern aesthetic.

We’ve seen it used repeatedly in 60’s and 70’s fashion design, accessories and home design.  But it is actually used in traditional design as well.  It can be seen in just about every room of the house using fabrics, flooring, wallpaper, paint and tile.

For instance, the black and white flooring in many entry halls of stately homes. It’s been installed on a grid and even on the diagonal using a 12×12 tile.  This is definitely something you’ll see in a traditional home rather than something a bit more contemporary.

What about hard wood flooring laid in a herringbone pattern?  Or even in a chevron pattern? Or even parquet flooring?  All of these designs transcend the basic definition of each design style and if done correctly, look beautiful.

Let’s take a look at the kitchen for a moment. Backsplash tiles installed with an Arabesque or Moroccan motif?  Or what about the ever popular subway tile?  It can be installed in a grid pattern or staggered and even a herringbone pattern.

However you choose to design or whatever style you use, just remember to enjoy.

Christopher Porikos
Author: Christopher Porikos

Christopher Porikos is an Interior Designer based in the Los Angeles area. He has a background in Retail Visual Merchandising and is educated in interior design. His love of design spans from traditional to contemporary and his style can be as eclectic or clean as the project requires. His unique eye for design comes from his lifelong interest in architecture, history, sketching, painting and the arts.