Genshin Impact: the Best Heroes to Choose

Genshin Impact: the Best Heroes to Choose
Genshin Impact: the Best Heroes to Choose

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In this article, we have collected the best heroes in Genshin Impact, who will strengthen your group and be as useful as possible at all stages of the gameplay.


It is the strongest archer hero in Genshin Impact. His abilities immobilize opponents and allow you to create an upward flow, which will be useful in different situations.

Other advantages of the character:

  • Makes 6 consecutive attacks from ranged weapons;
  • Deals strong AOE damage to enemies and throws them up with the “Heavenly Poetry” skill (the charged skill creates a flow of wind and deals more damage to the area);
  • Has the passive skill “Wind Rider”, thanks to which all members of the group spend 20% less stamina during the flight.

Skills of Venti:

  • “A great ode to the wind.” Summons the Eye of the Storm, which attracts enemies and objects nearby and deals them periodic damage. To enhance the effectiveness of the skill, you can use the absorption of Cryo, Pyro, Hydro, or Electro elements (1 for each use of the skill);
  • “Eye of the Storm”. Restores 15 units of Venti’s energy. If the hero absorbs the element corresponding to him, then the other heroes in the group will also recover 15 units of energy;
  • “Embrace the wind”. Venti for 20 sec. summons the wind flow while using the “Heavenly Poetry” skill, provided that it is charged.


She is one of the strongest melee heroes, inflicting huge AOE damage. She is at the TOP-5 of the most used heroes in Genshin Impact. The disadvantage of the character is the lack of fire damage from a normal and charged attack, as well as the difficulties that arise when using an elemental skill.

Xiang Ling’s Skills:

  • “Kung Dough”. The hero strikes 5 times with a spear. A charged skill allows her to make a dash forward and deal damage to all opponents in front of her (requires stamina). A lunge from a “Kung-Dough” is a good way to dodge;
  • “Goba’s Attack”. Summons a panda named Goba. The satellite deals AOE damage from Pyro;
  • “Crossfire.” Increases the range of Goba’s AOE abilities by 20%;
  • “Sharpness!”. Leaves chili pepper on the ground, which, after being picked up by the hero, increases his attack power by 10%. The duration of the effect is 10 seconds.


This hero is rightfully considered the best healer hero in the game, which will increase the effectiveness of the battle group and its survival in heavy battles.

Qiqi abilities in Genshin Impact:

  • “Cloud Sword”. A common attack that deals opponents 5 blows from the sword. If the skill is charged, enemies take damage from 2 melee weapon swings (requires stamina);
  • “The Art of the Adept: Guardian of Fortune”. Marks all enemies nearby, then deals them additional cryo-damage from attacks of any member of the group and regenerates health;
  • “The Art of the Adept: The Messenger of the Cold”. Creates a field that deals Crio damage to enemies and regenerates the health of Qiqi and her allies for each attack she makes;
  • “Contemplation of the secrets of magic”. With a 50% probability, the hero will hit opponents with the saving talisman of Fortune when performing normal / charged attacks. The duration of the effect is 6 seconds.


She is one of the strong heroes, which is not so difficult to get because she has only 4 stars. This character is considered universal in Genshin Impact, as she has huge damage and can act as a support. The main feature of Fischl is her companion Oz.

Important Fischl Skills:

  • “Night Illusion”. Allows the hero to use the appearance of a companion and move during the battle with great speed, simultaneously hitting the enemy with Electro damage when touched. At the end of the skill action, Oz remains on the battlefield and attacks enemies;
  • “The raven pecking at the stars.” Makes it possible to direct a charged attack on a satellite during combat to create a strong (+157.2%) AOE damage from Electro around it.


She is a good alternative to Fischl, but a little weaker. This hero deals a lot of damage from Electro attacks and has increased mobility and strong elemental skill.

Overview of Keqing’s abilities:

  • “The Return of the Star”. Launches a stiletto at the target, which deals AOE damage to opponents standing next to it + leaves a mark on the main enemy that allows you to apply various effects to it. A charged skill leaves stilettos in the air, to which the hero can move when the skill is pressed again, ignoring any obstacles;
  • “The Sword of the Heavenly Tract.” Deals enemies a series of blows with electro damage, and at the end makes a powerful AOE attack;
  • “Heavenly repentance.” Deals an additional crown to enemies marked with a stiletto from the “Return of the Star”;
  • “The nobility of an aristocrat.” Increases the chance of crit by 15%, as well as impact and energy regeneration rate for 8 seconds after applying the “Sword of the Heavenly Tract” ability.

Genshin Impact is a cool game that has a 7.8/10 ranking on IMDb. If you choose one of the characters listed above, then you will certainly be able to play it at a high level.